shantae 3ds

Shantae being sleepy.
Should have a coloured version of this up in the next few days. I’ve been working on hair and fabric lately trying to make my art look less rigid, let me know what you think!

Tried to do a cut in of Shantae like you see in Disgaea and other RPG’s, bit too wide but oh well.

Been playing Half Genie Hero, really liking it. Looks amazing, it’s making me want to do some more Shantae art, I think I’d like to try doing Risky or Bolo next.

Wanna slash some titans in style? This shirt is perfect for you! Have a teaser of a shirt im making for RedBubble and many other T-shirt web sites, that will release later this summer. If anyone wants it, ill probably make a nude version of the shirt available too.

There will be stickers, phone cases, blankets, pins, toys, and lots of other cool stuff all designed by me! Keep your eyes peeled guys, and never stop fighting for humanity!

Here’s my low-poly Shantae model, the protagonist of the popular game series by WayForward! 3471 triangles in total.

I worked very closely to her Half-Genie Hero art this time around, so she’s got better anatomy than my models usually have. I started this model over a month ago, but put it aside for a while as it wasn’t coming out too well. Thankfully all I really had left to do tonight was the textures and shading, though, so it didn’t take too long to fix her up in the end.

I experimented with cel-shading this time. At one point she had outlines in her shaders too, but it didn’t mix with the low poly count too well, so in the end just kept the cel-shading and went with my usual lighting settings (90% ambient, 30% direct), giving her a bit of a Wind Waker HD look. I also cheated with the pose a bit and stretched her in a few places because I couldn’t be bothered fixing issues with the rig. Hopefully it’s not too noticeable.