@butterflyslinky  reactions to Sarah Jane Adventures #10:

Death of the Doctor

When UNIT comes up to Sarah’s house and the Colonel tells Sarah the Doctor is dead- “So do they normally bring and brandish guns when giving people condolences?”

At Sarah’s refusal to accept the news relayed through the Shansheeth hologram, and Clyde and Rani trying to help her through grief- “She’s been through the Doctor being “dead” before. Of course she doesn’t believe it.”

At Rani’s small breakdown to Haresh about him never leaving her- “Awww….”

When Clyde’s hand first shows the artron energy- “Yeah, Doctor definitely isn’t dead.”

At the mention of Alistair being stuck in Peru- “Again? What does he do there?”

At Sarah’s Ten-only flashbacks- “Come on, give us Four.”

At Jo’s entrance- “Still being her sort of cute.”

At Sarah’s reaction when she realizes who Jo is, and vice versa- “Well, didn’t take them long to fall in love.”

When Jo says to Sarah, “I never saw him again. He must’ve really liked you.”- “Four was in a romantic relationship with Sarah, so yes…”

When Rani and Santiago are itching to leave the room as Sarah and Jo get cutesy again, then Clyde smiling and shutting the door as they leave- “Let’s go, they need to bang now.”

When Sarah and Jo are remembering together and Four is in the flashbacks- “Yes!” *squee*

When Rani says, “Clyde, I’m staring at your bum,” while in the vent shafts- “But it’s a nice butt, so you shouldn’t mind.”

When Sarah and Jo realize something is wrong, and Sarah grabs Jo’s hand as they go off to investigate- “Come on, Jo, you’re my companion today.”

When realizing the way Sarah and Jo are dressed- “Wait, they’re dressed reminiscent of their Doctors, Three and Four!”

When Clyde raises his hand to find a larger white one instead of his own- “Well, that’s not normal.”

When Eleven appears- “Yes, my puppy is here.”

At Jo’s reaction to the Doctor saying to her, “It’s like someone baked you.”- “Yep, it’s him alright.”

At the heart-to-hearts Sarah and Jo have with the Doctor on the planet- “Awww….”

When Sarah and Jo get captured, and the Doctor is deciding who to go after- “Companions or their kids? Well, Sarah and Jo have enough experience to survive longer… and if I let anything happen to their kids, they won’t be happy…”

When Clyde makes comments about the Doctor’s new face and asking him questions about regeneration while they’re shuffling through the vents- “Not really the time, Clyde.”

When the Colonel gets really close when taunting Sarah, “Foeyay, much?”

When the Doctor tells Sarah and Jo to remember everything they ever experienced with him- “Sarah, remember all the amazing sex we had.”

When the Doctor opens the coffin to find Sarah and Jo snuggling and laughing- “Okay, kids, let’s just… close this and leave them alone for a bit.”

When Sarah and Jo leave the Tardis- “Well, that was a good threesome.”

When Sarah and Jo watch the Tardis leave, and Sarah has her arm around Jo, and Jo is holding Sarah’s hand on her shoulder- “Well, at least he brought us together to be hook-up girlfriends.”

When Jo tells Sarah to “find yourself a fella”- “I already did, and the asshole left me. I’m waiting for him to come back.”

When Sarah says Ian and Barbara haven’t aged since they got home in the 60s- “I’d like to see Thirteen see them and deal with that somehow.”

The Empty Planet

At Sarah shooing Clyde and Rani from the attic- “Bedtime.”

At Clyde and Rani discussing “Great Expectations.”- I’m with Clyde not reading it, it’s boring.”

When Haresh tries to talk with Rani, but she’s reading her homework- “He’s trying to be a good den mother.”

When Rani goes through the house calling for her parents, and sees the open magazine on the bed- “Well, that’s definitely weird.”

When Rani takes the sonic lipstick from the attic- “At least Sarah left that behind.”

When Clyde comes to Rani’s house and says he called her first- “Awww… yeah, he’s getting over Luke.”

When Clyde and Rani go into town and look over deserted London and say the entire world has disappeared- “London isn’t the entire world, you know.”

At Clyde and Rani wondering if they were left to repopulate Earth- “You two are hardly the best candidates for that, and you’d think the aliens would know that’s not a viable gene pool.”

When Clyde complains about getting the pink bike- “Let go of that toxic masculinity.”

When the robots appear- “We’re being invaded by Transformers.”

At Clyde hiding among the mannequins- “Good thing those are diverse mannequins.”

When Gavin decides to stay with them, with an obvious crush on Rani- “Hey, she’s sort-of taken.”

At Rani realizing that Gavin is half-Human/half-alien, and Clyde’s reaction to the interspecies sex implication- “Come on, Clyde, what do you think happened between Sarah and the Doctor?”

When Gavin pronounces them Lord Clyde and Lady Rani- “Unfortunately, that has no official meaning here on Earth.”

At Haresh questioning Rani where she’s been- “Having sex with Clyde- I mean…”

At Clyde making himself comfortable in Rani’s house to Haresh’s disapproval- “Breakfast is for people not trying to get with my daughter.”

When Rani tells Sarah that after that day, Sarah has no idea what it’s like to be alone- “You were with Clyde most of the time.”

At Rani and Clyde saying they’ll never be alone because they have each other, and calling each other “My lord” and “My lady”- “Awww, babies….”