Shansei Broomhandle Mauser copy in .45ACP

This is a gun that MAUSER did not make but it is based on the original design. This gun is refered to as a Shansei, Shanxi or Shanzi (Chinese is Ideographical it “Sounds like this”) Arsenal model in 45ACP Calibre (45 Automatic Colt Pistol Calibre). Models of this design are generally of good material quality but it is a Chinese copy of a Chinese Copy
History of the Shansei…. 
The Chinese Nationalists came to power in 1911 from this date the people of China dated items in the number of “Years” that the Chinese Nationalists were in power. Chinese Nationalist Year 2 would be 1912, Year 18 would be 1929 and Year 19 would be 1930. The Nationalists were overthrown in 1949 so the late 20’s early 30’s is the approximate timeframe that the original Shansei was created. I say “original” as there have been imports of “New” Shansei’s or “Arsenal refinished” ones.


Forgottenweapons on the Chinese Shansei Arsenal copy of the Broomhandle pistol in .45 ACP.