shannonjane replied to your post: “I just remembered a thing. When I was about 14 and just getting into…”:

jesus. I’m sorry she put you through that.

Thank you. That’s not the first or last time she’s done something like that - “act like a proper teenage girl/adult woman, your enthusiasm is embarrassing, especially when if for things that people your age aren’t supposed to like” - but it’s the incident I remembered. It’s taken a lot to convince me that it’s okay to like the things I like, that I’m not an embarrassment…

Recently she seems a bit more accepting of my hobbies - she watched Total Drama All Stars with me an even offered to help me make a Zoey cosplay. But the damage is done, I’m afraid.

I also remember a conversation somewhat recently:

Mom: I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of what they like.

Me: Then why do you get mad when I talk about anime in public?

Mom: That’s different. *immediately changes subject*

So I have no friggin’ idea where she stands regarding my interests.