first off, thank you to all my followers and those i follow. you all light up my dash like nobody else (okay, that was an expected one direction pun). but seriously, you have made my tumblr experience so amazingly worth it and i could never repay you for the joy you have brought to my life. that being said, im sorry if i forgot anybody- let me know. these are just a few of the many many quality blogs i follow who i have built great friendships with and love seeing on my dash so much that i would never in a million years think of unfollowing them.

in alpha order by url: jenny, maiken, sam, danielle, ellie, rose, emma, tifah, ashley, valeria, coco, laura, egg, kelly, jaimie, sarah, alicia, alyssa, lianna, kelsey, amanda, jessica, paige, jess, heather, tabby, patty, anne, patricia, bri, sydnee, nora, katherine, tamara, kelsey, denise, katie, charlotte, chloe, emily, keeley, sarah, beth, leeannaangela, becky, taylor, megan, jaymiester, nicole