Hellooo! I finally have reached 3k followers on this website and idk how in all honesty, but I’m so grateful for meeting some of my best friends on here and for all of you that follow me. Also it took me 3k followers to make my own follow forever edit lol (sorry if it’s bad ok i really tried). I truly am surrounded by great people (for the most part lol.) I consider this follow forever a special one and out of all of these, I feel the most important people I know are here. It doesn’t mean that we are best friends, talk all the time, etc. but you’ve done something nice for me, shared a good memory or two, or I just really enjoy your presence on my dash! Thank you all for not leaving me like some others did in the past without explanation. You all mean the world to me, and if you don’t follow these blogs I highly recommended you do! I love you all sm!! P.S. if i forgot you I’m sorry so many people have changed their URLS.


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