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Lumberjanes Vol. 1

Warm weather is (hopefully?) approaching, which can only mean one thing…SUMMER CAMP! The best camp around is definitely Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistlecrumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types, home of the Lumberjane scouts. Mal, Jo, Molly, Ripley, and April are having the most normal summer ever—the only thing is, their “normal” is fighting monsters and solving mysteries! Everywhere the Lumberjanes turn, there is weirdness and strangeness, but with the power of friendship to the max, our favorite hardcore lady types can do anything.

In this first collected volume of the acclaimed Lumberjanes series, we get introduced to our heroines as they being to unravel the odd mystery invading their summer fun. In between dodging river monsters and their skeptical, rule-abiding camp counselor Jen, the girls do their best to earn some sweet merit badges and support each other along the way.

Lumberjanes is a great story for everyone, whether you’re a girl going off to summer camp for the first time, a grown up dude wishing he still had summer vacations, or a grandparent wondering what the junk is up with these kids and their new-fangled speech patterns. Get ready for the best fictional summer of your life and start reading Lumberjanes today!

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some of my favourite books written by women ☺️ plus my @bookwormboutique mug!



Lumberjanes is a feel-good adventure comic by Noelle Stevenson @gingerhaze , Shannon Watters @shanito, Grace Ellis  @ohheygrace and Brooke Allen @brookeallen (with some covers n’ stuff featuring Hope Larson  @hopelarson and Maarta Laiho @pencilcat).  Volume 4 is new this week from @boomstudios

I’ll be hanging with gingerhaze and shanito at ECCC this year!! Come say hi, we’ll be chillin on the sky bridge booth 1002! And if you’re interested in getting a commission feel free to get your requests in early by shooting me an email:! Even if you can’t pick it up the day of the show I can always ship them to you! :)



What started as a wee 8-issue series has grown into 2 years of mysteries, three-eyed critters, dimension-hopping, shape-shifting antics, and so much friendship to the max that our hearts can hardly take it!

It’s been an awesome 2 years, and we look forward to an awesome 200 more. Thanks for being the best. ❤

Re: The Lumberjanes #14 A Cover

Hi Lumber-pals, 

Last week, one of our own team pointed out to us that the cover for LUMBERJANES #14 was appropriative of native cultures. On second look, all of us agreed, and we wanted to, as a team, apologize for our oversight.  For those of you personally hurt by the appropriative imagery, we extend a special apology to you…it is not the Lumberjanes way to cause harm, and we hope that we can redeem ourselves in your eyes with our work in the future. The cover will be pulled from all digital versions of the issue as well as not appearing in any collections or reprint. We will also be making a personal donation as a team in the Lumberjanes name to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women. Thank you for reading.


The Lumber-Team (Grace, Noelle, Shannon, & Brooke)