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do you know Vincent?

Marionette: As we can all see, his little stunt worked. He isn’t in prison. Yet. 

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Bunratty Castle, County Clare,  Ireland

Bunratty Castle, built in 1425, is the most complete and authentic medieval fortress in Ireland and contains furnishings, tapestries, and works of art from the period.

More about Bunratty Castle

The castle is by the N18 road between Limerick and Ennis, near Shannon Town and its airport.


❝  My mouth had been sewn closed. Curled up in bed was just a girl. Needing Daddy’s arms to hold her. ❞


High school sucks ass. Maybe not for everyone, but for some people the experience is far from pleasant. There are the jocks. The kids destined to be Ivy Leagues. The kids who are so popular that they don’t even know what to do with themselves. And then, there’s everyone else. There’s all the people who fill up the hallways and hide in the shadows. They matter too, even if people don’t seem to give them the time of day. Ethel Muggs always felt like one of those people. She may have wished she could have been popular like Cheryl Blossom or admired like Josie McCoy, but it wasn’t until the day that she finally started receiving attention that Ethel realized just how bad it could be.

When Chuck Clayton sat down by her in the library, Ethel was more than a little surprised. After all, this was Chuck Clayton. Everyone knew he was going to play college in football and he was always with some pretty girl. He had never paid her the time of day until he asked Ethel a math question in the library. That was the extent of it. She helped him, and then Chuck left. It wouldn’t be until a few days later that the rumors started. Apparently, Chuck and Ethel had engaged in sexual acts. Life became hell as the gossip spread and people began to slut shame Ethel for something that she had never done. Chuck and his friends took to writing ‘sloppy seconds’ on her locker every day. Even when Ethel scrubbed it off or a teacher did, the next day it would be there like clockwork. It was hell, and Ethel didn’t know what she had done to deserve it.

It turned out that Ethel wasn’t the only girl that was getting shamed though. When Chuck tried to pull something similar on Veronica Lodge, the new student rounded up the other girls who had similar experiences and set out to expose the playbook the football players had been keeping to chronicle their conquests with girls. Ethel agreed to speak out against what had been happening and was instrumental in getting Chuck kicked off the football team and suspended. A part of her worried that life would be hell for what she had done, but no one harassed her any further. Ethel Muggs was almost as anonymous as she had been before. Except, she wasn’t.

Ethel knew that she mattered. Taking a stand had inspired her to not let others walk all over her, and Ethel worked on being more outgoing. That included becoming friends with Betty and Veronica. It felt nice to have others to talk to, but in the life of Ethel Muggs nothing could be that simple. Her father soon lost all his money due to a fault investor, and Ethel confided in her friends that he had attempted to kill himself. Veronica seemed shocked by the news and later revealed that her father, Hiram, was the reason why the Mugg’s had lost all their money. Ethel’s mother was quick to admonish Veronica, but Ethel talked to Veronica and made it clear that they would still be friends. The sins of her father were not the sins of Veronica, after all.

Life for Ethel still isn’t easy what with her family trying to recover from her fathers suicide attempt. Sometimes she still notices people snicker at her when she walks by but it doesn’t really matter anymore. Ethel has some friends and she’s determined to stick up for herself. It won’t always be easy and there will be times when she freezes up, but Ethel is done with screaming in the dark. She finally has a little faith in herself.


CHUCK CLAYTON has always been an asshole and that’s no secret. No one care when he bullied a girl like Ethel Muggs and slut shamed her, and watching her revenge on him was all too sweet. Rumor has it that Ethel and Chuck have been seen recently together and looking only friendly next to each other. Maybe inconspicuous Ethel isn’t done with Chuck Clayton yet.

REGGIE MANTLE is a football player. A jock. He’s not the kind of guy you’d expect to be hanging around Ethel, but her name was by his in the playbook one too many times for it to be random. Whatever has happened between Ethel and Reggie is between the two of them, but it’s definitely a juicy story that others wouldn’t mind hearing.

VERONICA LODGE + BETTY COOPER stood up for the slut shamed girls and made a statement that Ethel hadn’t been brave enough to make herself. Even though the crimes of Veronica’s father nearly resulted in Ethel losing her dad, she’s forgiven her and appreciates the friendship from both Betty and Veronica. Sometimes she wishes she could be more like them.


JASON BLOSSOM didn’t seem to have any connections to little insignificant Ethel Muggs, but he was a part of the playbook that Ethel had been recorded in multiple times. It’s no secret that Ethel has had some dark thoughts and getting Jason back for the shame he caused her would definitely be rewarding. It seemed like Ethel has a thing for Reggie as well. Having Jason out of the way would be beneficial from every standpoint.


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“Back in Town” by Shannon Glodowski

Wisconsin is family

Old Polish bones

American skin

And a stuttering farmer’s heart

Wisconsin is cigarette smoke

Fresh baked rolls

And grandma’s perfume

Ice and blood and cows

Cheese smothered and booze soaked

And full of old country charm in the cold

Wisconsin is antique

Dusty and falling apart

Full of nostalgia 


Not enough to stay

Wisconsin is a tale of capitalism

The most classic kind of boxing ring

Filled with fighters that…

Keep getting back up and

Just barely remain on their feet

Wisconsin is dirty finger nails

And scraped knuckles

And strong people with large hearts that keep beating

Even when they get knocked out


Those that want to win the fight

Only come back 

To visit

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Cara Delevingne can shoot me anytime.



Made with Vine
"I'm So Stupid" Gilinsky Imagine

For shannon134 hope you like it chica.

Gilinsky’s POV

It’s the beginning of winter, but here in California it’s not really winter, no snow, no fog, still the sun is shining, it’s different from what I’m used to back at Omaha. I’m in love with California especially since I met Shannon. I do get a little homesick but she helps with that. Right now our relationship has been a tad distant because I’ve been pursuing my dreams, whilst she was in college pursuing hers. It’s hard but I know we can work through it. Right now Shannon was out of town, she went home to visit her family, pursue her career, and ever since she’s been further then just a 10 minute drive, I cant get rid of this awful homesick feeling, and this pit in my stomach. I can’t wait till she gets back.

The boys however have taken this opportunity to make it all about them, nothing but going out and having a laugh, creating new memories. Nash has complained that he hasn’t had a video up on his channel for a while and wants to do something fun with the boys, and something he knows the fans will just love.

“Gilinsky, come on man we’re heading over,” Johnson said peeping his head through the door.

I pulled my head out of the bundle of thoughts got up and followed jack out.

Soon enough the boys and I were all in Nash’s living room sat on the couch, in front of the camera.

“Hey guys it’s Nash today I’m here with your favourite guys; Gilinsky, Johnson, Cam, Kenny, Sammy and Nate. I’ve decided today that we do a truth or dare video, and with the help of you, my beautiful subscribers, we have truth’s in this cup, and dares in this cup, which you’ve all kindly submitted. Alright I’ll go first, I pick dare…” Nash said. He’s just a natural in front of the camera. It ranged from awfully weird truths, and disgusting and odd dares. It was absolutely hilarious to see Sam down a bottle of ketchup and mayo at the same time and then throwing it all back up.

Soon enough it was my time and I picked dare.

“What does it say bro?” Johnson questioned.

“Ring the last person you texted and tell them you’re breaking up with them” I said, knowing that the last person I texted was Shannon, and she was questioning my loyalty after hearing a rumour that I slept with a fan I met whilst she was out of town, we just had an argument. None of the boys knew this, I didn’t want to tell them how things were between Shannon and I, because I didn’t want it to become real, and I didn’t need their sympathy because I knew I was going to win her back.

“Alright then do it” Cam ordered, taking my phone out of my hand and dialling her number.

“Guys I can’t” I mumbled.

“Oh come on jack, you and Shannon are unbreakable even I know that, this won’t phase her besides I’m sure she’ll get it’s a prank” Nash countered.

It was ringing and she picked up.

“Hello Jack? What can I help you with? Can you make it quick, I’m kind of busy,” Shannon said from the other end. This was weird, she usually addresses me as babe, or baby sometimes even Finnegan because she thought it was funny and cute.

“Shannon I-I’m, breaking up with…” I said into the phone. When I heard a deep voice laughing in the background, and Shannon giggling.

When her giggling died down she said, “yes, Jack?”

Shaking my head of all possible thoughts I was about to speak when, Sammy took the phone and yelled into it “Jack is breaking up with you Shannon! Have a wonderful life! Bye!”

“Dude what the hell man?” I questioned looking at Sammy.

“What? You were taking too long and we were all getting bored, besides it Johnson’s turn.” Sammy defended.

We carried on with the video and I didn’t even check my phone. Later after we grabbed food, when I was going to call Shannon and explain everything I looked to see I received a text, which read, ‘Goodbye Jack.’ I tried to call her and she didn’t pick up any of my calls, I text her several times trying to explain what happened, I left several voicemails. I was panicking. I couldn’t loose her. Not now. At one point I even got mad that she’d do this and questioned her loyalty. I lost my sanity, she blocked me on all social media, and I couldn’t cope.

I booked the next flight out to where she was, and when I got there I bought a bouquet of 100 red roses, I decided today was the day I show her the song I wrote for her with Jack.

I arrived at the hotel she was staying at, asked reception for the number of her room and rushed up faster than lightening. I knocked on her door three times and waited. It was the waiting that killed me, I was racked with guilt, and I shouldn’t have let Sammy do that, as Shannon has been having a stressful and rough time.

Slowly the door opened to reveal her. I looked down and there she stood in front of me, with tear stained cheeks, red eyes, her hair an absolute mess, seeming to wear nothing apart from one of my hoodies, which was absolutely huge on her petite frame. She was so much smaller than I. Even with Shannon looking like this mess, I couldn’t help but adore her; even like this she looked absolutely beautiful. Yet to know that I was the one that caused her beautiful eyes to shed tears made my heart sink.

“Jack what are you doing here? I thought we were finished.” She mumbled, even her voice sounded so weak, I wanted to do nothing but hold her in my arms, let her know that I’ll never let her cry tears of pain, to just comfort her.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve any of this, let me explain,” I said to her.

I proceeded to explain to her everything, how it was all one big mistake, she let me in. We cuddled up on the bed and she started to giggle.

“Finnegan, I feel so stupid, oh and by the way tell Sammy I’m going to kick his skinny little ass when I get back.” She said into my chest

I smiled and pulled her in closer, placing my head on top of hers.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll kick his ass with you” I replied.

“Shannon darling, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that, I promise to never do anything as stupid as that again, I love so much… But you have to unblock me on twitter I can’t be down one follower, I need to beat Johnson”

She giggled and punched me lightly on the arm.

“Oh shut up Finnegan, there’s so much more to worry about then a goddamn follower count.”

“So what you don’t love me Shannon?” I asked with mock hurt in my voice.

“Of course I love you Jack Finnegan Gilinsky, you don’t even have to ask,” She replied with a smile spread across her face, and then pecked me on the lips.

For the rest of the day we just laid there in bed just talking, laughing and cuddling. With Shannon with me I felt complete, whole. I don’t need to be doing ridiculous things to enjoy myself, all I need is great company, and Shannon was a far greater then just great. She was perfect, and she was mine.

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