shannon o'connor


What an absolute whirlwind these past couple years have been. We’re often told how much our little web series has changed people’s lives, but in truth, it has changed our lives just as much – and that is because of all of you and the incredible support you have shown over the past three seasons.

On behalf of the cast and crew, THANK YOU.

…now buckle up for the #CARMILLAMOVIE!

To the entire Carmilla cast

I hope that you are doing well and i just want to take a moment to say thank you for making my bad day’s into good days and my good days into great days. You have helped me more than you will ever know, you have changed my life and I couldn’t ask for a better cast. You are all so inspirational, you mean so much to me and I love you.

Thank you.


This cast is so amazing.

When Elise Bauman cries, I cry. She’s that good. She’s precious. The way she’s portraying Laura as this sad, flawed, struggling woman who is trying really is, like Carmilla described it, beautiful.

Natasha Negovanlis? She slayed all her lines; and her non-verbal gestures as Carmilla is so amazing! Especially her expression after their ‘”to hell with light and casual” scene’. Carmilla looks so in love and happy, she’s like in cloud 9.

Kaitlyn Alexander? I love them and their acting… but their scene where they’re talking to Perry? My heart broke into a million pieces. So much emotion conveyed, not just through the words but also the acting.

ANNIE BRIGGS. Wow, just wow. Her acting as Perry possessed by the dean who is acting as Perry though lol. Clearly the dean doesn’t know how to act as good as Annie. 

Sophia Walker! Line delivery, gestures - the way she uses the space she’s in just gravitates me towards her. Like if she’s in the scene, I cannot not focus on her.

Aaron Chartrand, Sharon Belle and Shannon Kook, though their appearances were brief, Aaron’s voice as JP is still so captivating, Sharon nailed that fight scene and Shannon well, poor guy gets hit a lot on episode 24 but eh, good (epic, tbh) reactions!

While we haven’t seen much of Mel and Kirsch yet, the podcast is important! Matt O’Connor and Nicole Stamp’s voice acting there is really remarkable.

And of course, not to forget (of course not) Mr. Enrico Colantoni who is undoubtly a really great Papa Hollis. Laura’s scenes with Sherman is so effective because the way he cares about Laura is probably how everyone imagines how their dad would care for them. He’s not perfect but like his daughter, he tries. And Mr. Colantoni delivers so well. 

We’ve been blessed to get to see them act out this webseries and I’m really thankful to each and every one of them for it.