shannon messenger

rant abt dex

dexter alvin dizznee better appear on the cover of book 6 or i will personally go up to shannon’s house with a melder in hand to threaten her and jason chan to change the cover. he doesnt deserve any of this mistreatment. in book 3, sophie was literally emotionally abusing him without a care in the world because he built the circlet that restricted her abilities. yeah, so what if he did that he didnt know what he was getting himself into AT ALL he was just trying to help his family, his loved ones–how could he possibly know that he was hurting another loved one in the process?? but you know what??? sophie doesnt care because she knows dex is a pure soft cinnamon roll &is too kind to sophie to ever get fierce at her so SHE FUCKING PUTS ALL THE BLAME ON HIM AND FUCKING SAYS SHES NOT TALKING TO HIM ANYMORE. NOW LISTEN UP WE ALL KNOW IF IT WAS FITZ VACKER WHO BUILT THE CIRCLET (not that he could, he’s not half as talented as dex) SOPHIE WOULDNT EVEN GET MAD AT HIM SHE WOULD JUST WHISPER SHYLY “”“ITS OK”“”“ AND LET IT GO BUT DEX???NO. SHE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HIS PURE SWEET KINDNESS AND SOFTNESS AND MADE DEX SO HEARTBROKEN WHATS WORSE IS THAT HALF THE FANDOM ACTUALLY HATES DEX BC OF THAT TOO ALSO AFTER BOOK 3 HE BECAME SERIOUSLY EXCLUDED FROM THE PLOT SO HE BETTER HAVE A BADASS CHARACTER ARC IN BOOK 6 reblog if you agree dex needs more love