shannon made me


and thank you for giving us the amazing gift that is your talented sons Shannon & Jared 💕💗💕💗

season 1 of black sails: entertaining enough, the characters are interesting, relationship dynamics are fascinating enough to keep you interested, plot is pretty good

season 2 of black sails: infinitely more entertaining, has a character-driven plot that moves at a fast pace without leaving anything behind, characters and relationships cross in new and amazing ways, plot twists that fuck you up, character development that could leave you crying, sex scenes are actually important to the plot and not just reasons for people to get naked, no plot holes or bad storylines, every action has either a reaction or consequence, series finale is immensely satisfying and leaves plot open for season 3, literally the greatest season ever


Day 8

Name: Shannon

Age: 35

Career: Works in the beauty industry.

Interesting Fact: Use to show horses.

Today was an interesting day. I did not feel like talking to a single person let alone meeting someone new. Moments like this when we feel overwhelmed and want to avoid everything extraordinary things happen. I met Shannon whose positive energy and fascinating conversation about life, altered my entire mood. I always believed in the notion that when we least expect things amazing people come into our lives, even if it’s only for a short period of time. I learned something from our conversation, everyone has a journey and a desire to do extraordinary things. Yet we set limits for ourselves when truly no limits exist but the ones we create. Shannon made me realize though I was having a hard day and doubted this project amongst other things, it’s only a fraction of my life. 

When I first approached her I was hesitant. She is 6 feet and while I’m only a measly 5′4 (Yes, I’m short!). I realized her height was intimidating. Shannon was kind and took the time out of her day to have a meaningful conversation, which is more than I expected. 


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My name is Aaron. I went to  Warped Tour in Detroit. I first started my journey into this world with Bryan Stars my freshman year of highschool. I watched his interviews whenever I was depressed. This continued up until my summer going into my senior year. My friend Shannon and my mom got me tickets to warped tour as a birthday present. I agreed to go. Shannon then made me add Johnnie, Jordan, Damon and Bryan’s snapchat. I instantly loved all of them. They made my terrible summer a thousand times better.

Once the day of Warped Tour came around my friends, Shannon, Alex, and I, Immediately went to hunt down the youtuber tent. Took us a good half hour to find it and when we did, we were lucky enough to get somewhat close to the tent. Since there were no bands we wanted to see that morning, we just kinda took turns and camped out in line. It seemed like an eternity before the time actually came.

About 20 minutes before, My friends and I were being complained about to a security guard by this soccer mom. She sat there complaining that we cut in line and that we had not been there all morning, when we had. I stayed in line because Shannon and Alex had to go refill our water bottles, Shannon is anemic and I was terrified she was going to pass out meeting the ones we loved. So after they got there water we noticed this mom trying to literally push her kids in front of us. Shannon and I got really upset, because we got pushed back a good 6 people. Shannon got the attention of her dad and her dad went to a guard who said these things happen and he is sorry. So we just had to wait, and wait, and wait until finally it was our groups turn..

We were so nervous when we were next to go. The guard motioned us to go. I looked at Bryan and I instantly became starstruck. I was so nervous that I was shaking. He asked me what my name was and I became speechless. It took me a few seconds before i gave him my legal name, Anjelina. He gave me a hug and took a selfie with me. I wish I could have said more to Bryan since he pretty much saved me. But my social anxiety was through the roof. I progressed through the line. When I met Johnnie, my phone started acting up and exited out of my camera. He saw my background of Andy and asked if I was going to see him today and I told him that I was planning on it.  My phone stopped acting up and I took a picture with him.

My hand started getting shaky when I met Jordan. My selfie turned out blurry and I was upset because he was my second favorite. Once I got to Damon i lost it. My anxiety was through the roof and my hands were so shaky at that point that I asked Damon if he could take the selfie for me.And he did. He gave me a hug and I went off fangirling. I wish that I could’ve spent more time with them. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. It made my summer a thousand times better and I honestly made me realize what I want to do with my life. I want to be a huge part of many people’s lives. I created a youtube channel to hopefully pursue that dream. I just started. It’s slowly growing. I hope to someday be part of M.D.E. Thank you guys so much.  <3

My Loft 89 Experience

I never expected I would get to make one of these posts in a million years but here goes.
So a quick summary of last night. I was sitting in the middle of an aisle but I had posted my seat details on tumblr so she must have saw them or something. During Blank Space which is the 3rd song I hear someone in an American accent asking me “are you Shannon? Taylor made me come and find you! You’re meeting her after the show!” so after that moment I was sobbing so we sat in the concourse for a bit for me to recover and we returned to our seats. During her song clean she talked about how she connects with her fans online to make sure they’re alright and it just sunk in that she wanted to meet me. So after the show about 15 of us went backstage to meet her in Loft 89. We walked backstage and saw her band and a few of her dancers. Taylor came in at about 11:15pm. We were the first fans that got to meet her and she was like “Hello!” and hugged me and Keely so tight. She was like fluffing up our tutus and said “these are cute! I love these! You’re so cute!” and then said “would you like a photo?” and wrapped her arms around us for our photo and then talked about what a good crowd we were and how emotional her and her crew are about the tour ending. She gave me one last hug and then we left. We were given signed photos on the way out. She liked our photo with her on tumblr and also another post I made about meeting her and I’m so happy that she made everything that happened last night happen. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why exactly she wanted to meet me as I was in too much of a daze but I am so glad that everything last night happened and it has left me feeling the happiest person alive. 💗