shannon falcone

I love this game! All my favorite youtubers are in it! I have to thank Pewdiepie for introducing me to all of these wonderful peeps. 


If you haven’t seen this video yet you should watch it. Best transatlantic video I’ve ever seen. Shannon Falcone is a legend as well!

In Search of Snow

Oracle Team USA’s 72’ catamaran capsized (and essentially disintegrated) on October 16th. Maybe the wind was a little too strong, maybe the current was ripping a little too hard, maybe it was as simple as wrong move at the wrong time. Whatever the reason, 17’s capsize in San Francisco Bay has left the team (and sailors) boat-less until February.

When things do not going according to planned, you make new plans. And if you’re Shannon Falcone, you take this opportunity to have some fun before getting serious in defending the America’s Cup.

Project #1 was scrapping together the pieces of 17’s destroyed wing and giving them new life in the form of a homemade plane for Red Bull’s Flugtag (flight day) The result was an epic crash into San Francisco Bay, not unlike the original a few weeks prior. But this time, crashing was part of the fun (and expected).

Project #2? Go find snow. A few days in Tahoe would do the trick for most but a 2445 miles road trip is more Shannon’s style. 3 weeks, searching for killer conditions, hitting up Baldface Lodge, Revelstoke and Whistler.

Pack up the car, load up a play list, map the route and hit the road. Kind of makes you think twice about your weekend plans, right?


ORACLE Racing’s Shannon Falcone joins PUMA Ocean Racing for Leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race