shannon abbey

So, this was part of my weekend.

For those who don’t recognise her, which I’m guessing includes the entire con, I am dressed as Dr. Shannon Abbey. Here’s a description:

The echoes of my knock were still ringing when the door swung open, revealing a short, cheerfully curvy woman with spiky brown hair streaked with bleach-white lines that looked more accidental than anything else. She was wearing an electric orange T-shirt that read DO NOT TAUNT THE OCTOPUS, jeans, and a lab coat, and was pointing a hunting rifle at the middle of my chest.

She is an excellently eccentric mad scientist. This is an example of her personality.

Science is a cruel mistress. That means you should always have a safe word before you try to change the world. Otherwise, how will science know when to let you go?
—  Dr. Shannon Abbey from Mira Grant’s “Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus.”

geekhyena  asked:

I had to write a linear programming problem for class today. This is what I turned in: Dr. Shannon Abbey is on the run again. At the moment, everyone's favorite rogue virologist is currently camped out in a colleague's lab while they are on vacation. She thinks that if she can compare the response of various animals infected with a new strain of Kellis-Amberlee, and measure their response to injection with Shaun Mason's blood, (cont'd)

From second ask:

“(cont’d) she might be able to unlock new information about this new, highly potent strain. Then I set constraints based on amount of blood available, amount of reagents available, how many specimens each animal type would generate (mosquito, mouse, tarantula and octopus), and how long she could stay in the lab before risking detection by the CDC. My classmates thought it was awesome,and my mentor/professor learned that given the chance, I will put geeky references in ANYTHING. Win-win! ^_^”

…you are best, and I am in awe.  IN AWE.


Hello Princesses and Princes!

Alrighty, I was tagged by Bridget (this is the post) to do the 6 selfie challenge. I actually rarely take any selfies so I couldn’t really find any but here are six pictures of me!

The first one is from prom this year, the second one is from Tokyo Disneyland, and the third one is my pre-graduation picture. The fourth one was taken when I took a walk out to a garden, the fifth one is when I went to ghirardelli’s for the first time, and the last one was taken when I went to Disneyland for 5 days in a row! :D

I tag: