title Books
summary Because a library has a smell, you know?
pairing Sasusaku

For @beyondthemoor​ and her lovely Fluff Fridays.

One minute, the office was almost murderously boring. The somber tick-tick-tick of the clock on the wall. The odd creak of floorboards as he shifted in his chair. And the gentle tap of rain against the windows.

The next, Naruto’s back snapped up straight. Grinning, he spun around to look at his visitor.

“How’d it go?” he asked, completely ignoring the scroll Sasuke held out to him. Sasuke stared at him for a long time. His cloak ragged and his dark circles nearly purple, Sasuke answered him with silence. But Naruto only raised his eyebrows, grinning. 

“You miss her, huh? It was tough the first time Hinata left the village without me,” Naruto went on. 

Sasuke set the scroll on top of a stack of files. He also dropped a file on Naruto’s desk. His mission report was already completed before he stepped into the village. 

“She’s in the archives. You should go say hi,” added Naruto, gesturing to the left with his pencil. Sasuke didn’t say anything. But he suddenly looked down, trying to brush dust off his dusty cloak. Naruto snorted, flapping his hand.

“Just go. She liked you when you looked like a bat. She liked you in a poncho. She’ll be happy to see you,” Naruto assured him. 

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