shanna talks

please remember that if you are feeling down, someone will probably be there to talk to you! try to convince yourself that you are a good person inside and out! focus on your good qualities instead of your bad qualities! and remember to eat something every once in a while! drink some orange juice, it will refresh your mind and body and it’s very rich in vitamin c which can help grow and repair tissues in all parts of your body, and can help heal wounds!

it’s byakuya’s turn to cook tonight. after 46 minutes he finally finishes dinner and serves everyone at the table. it’s salad, the only thing he knows how to make. except the lettuce was gone so he just used 100 dollar bills

don’t feel ashamed for the fetishes or kinks you have!! we all have something that gets us off, and while others may think it is gross or weird, others may share the same kink as you!!! and you should focus on the people who share your kink or are okay with you having that kink, instead of those who think it’s gross/weird!!

what if as soon as you admitted you like a series/character a mariachi band broke into your house and confetti and balloons just flew in and got everywhere in your house and the last thing that happens is that you get a cake with the word “CONGRATULATIONS” on it and then the mariachi band just leaves and youre just sitting there with the cake and confetti and balloons like what the fuck happened