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One Piece + Epithet (1/?)


Imagine pretending to be Dean’s Fiance for a hunt.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 830

A/N: This is for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. This week the prompt was I was being sarcastic.I struggled terribly with this prompt. I hope it doesn’t totally suck!

My Fake Fiance

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Wow, what you're doing is being a complete ass. If you take off ever facial feature except for eyes, nose and mouth out of every anime character, NO, EVERY HUMAN, even then you wouldn't know the difference. Stop being an idiotic close minded person and think of HOW much he draws and how often he does it. Compare it to other anime, then let's talk.

If you take off every facial feature except for eyes, nose and mouth out of every anime character, NO, EVERY HUMAN, even then you wouldn’t know the difference.”

Oh hey, what’s this? An easily obtained handful of Oda’s awesome women who are very easily identifiable by nothing but their eyes, noses, and mouths.

But Take a look at Oda’s male cast, take a look at his female cast, and then tell me that he draws men with the same faces all the time, just like he does with so many of the women.

Some of Oda’s men do have similar faces—Luffy, Coby, Dellinger, and Sabo all have fairly similar faces. Zoro, Kohza, Shanks, and Smoker have fairly similar faces as well. BUT they are still easily distinguished by things like their different face scars. That’s one of the biggest differences between Oda’s character designs for men vs. women. Oda’s men get face tattoos, they get face scars (over 25 of Oda’s men have facial scars, while only 1 woman (Cindry the zombie) does), and they get crazy eyes, they get facial hair, they get weird noses and unique eyebrows and more. Even Oda’s most similar male characters still have things that make their faces distinct and unique.

The problem has never been that Oda draws EVERY woman the same. Oda has created a number of diverse and awesome women. The problem is that when he wants girls to be “pretty,” they wind up mostly looking like Nami with different hair, with no real facial differences between them than things like slightly puffier lips, or eyelashes on their bottom eyelids.


In my collage of the women’s faces in OP, I did go out of my way to choose only women who looked alike—but it wasn’t very hard to do, seeing as there were so many to choose from. Some people criticized it on the grounds that I avoided women like the ones pictured above, the ones with unique faces, but that was the entire point of the collage—to show the unreasonable number of women Oda’s made that are barely distinguishable from each other.

But the men’s collage had a different purpose; it’s meant to illustrate the numerous ways that Oda has to make his characters unique, everything from crazy eyes to hooked noses to broken noses to pointed teeth and more, including the massive range of different eyes that Oda makes for his male characters. I had to go out of my way to find men with similar faces, and then I had to go an extra mile to erase their scars and facial hair and tattoos, all things that help make Oda’s male characters unique, even when they do have more similar, more “normal” (and usually regarded as hotter) faces, such as Zoro’s, Smoker’s, and Shanks’. Hell, I even had to erase Ace’s freckles. Oda’s women don’t get to have cool scars or face tattoos, so that’s not a thing I had to worry about with their collage.

There are a huge variety of ways that Oda’s men are distinguished from each other, and no two are alike, yet for so many of the women the only thing that separates them is a different haircut. A lot of people don’t care about this sort of this, but it matters to me and other people too.

(And if you still want to tell me that I’m making a point about nothing here, please read my preemptive rebuttal here before gunning for me.)

The Maze Runner x Reader ~ Cups

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The Maze Runner x Reader ~ Cups

Humming you clean up the kitchen for Frypan. He was nice to help you out the last few days so you want to return the favor. Apart from this, you want to have a little bit time for you alone. It’s not like you hate being around the boys, but you are still the only girl in the Glade and sometimes it’s just pure stress.
Since a few days there is a melody stuck in your head. You don’t even know why you remember the music, it just popped in your head and won’t leave. Maybe one day you will remember the matching lines. You put one of the jars on the table as you get an idea. Just for safety you look around if you are still alone.
You start to drum your fingers on the upturned jar, which makes familiar sounds. A slight smile appears on your lips. That goes into a direction you like. Matching to the melody in your head you clap your hands, then you flip the jar to make sounds. It feels like you have done it before the Creators erased your memories. You have no trouble to speed up the pace and it still sounds good.

I’ve got my ticket for the long ‘round
Two bottles of whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
And I’m leaving tomorrow, what do you say

You are not quite sure why you know the lines suddenly, but there are a lot of things you don’t understand in the Glade. One thing more doesn’t matter anymore. You just enjoy the song and the little distraction. The funny thing is that you are not the only one who enjoys the show.
“That’s a bloody catchy song”,  Newt whispers to Thomas who stands right next to him. “How can she sing and move the jar at the same time? It looks so hard and easy at the same time”, the brown haired boy replies surprised. Of course he wants to try what you are doing right now. The Keeper of the Runners notices the two boys lurking through the gap of the door like creeps.
“What are you doing, shanks? Is (Y/N) dancing around like last week?”, Minho wants to know mumbling as he try to catch a glimpse at you. Thomas moves a little bit to his left to make space for his friend. Now the Runner understands why they are so fascinated, “Wow, (Y/N) is good… but what is she doing?” Newt just puts his hand over his mouth to stop him from talking. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you keep doing it so they can hear you singing to the melody.

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Chuck tilts his head a little bit to the side as he notices Newt, Minho and Thomas. Slowly the kid comes closer to them to hear a catchy melody. “Is this (Y/N)?”, he ask the other three boys smiling. It’s hard to resist the music and not start to dance. Thomas just nods in agreement not taking his eyes off you.
“I want to see something”, Chuck tries to see something, but the other Gladers are too tall. Minho waves his hand to hush him. Newt shoves the kid in front of him so he can enjoy the show. They have never thought that a simple song like that can be so catchy. It feels like a little bit of normality compared to the days in the Glade as a Runner or Second in Command.
Gally didn’t know what’s going to wait, when he makes his way towards the kitchen. Surprised he furrows his eyebrows. “What’s going on here?”, he asks needlessly, because he can already hear you singing. “Psst!”, Thomas whispers as he turns around to see who’s standing behind them. Usually the Builder would be angry at him, but even Gally gets caught from the melody. A slight smile appears on his lips.

I’ve got my ticket for the long way 'round
The one with the prettiest of views
It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers, it’s got sights to give you shivers
But it sure would be prettier with you

The other Gladers see the fascinated boys and want to know what’s going on. Suddenly after a few moments you have an audience of five dozen boys. Not all of them can see you, but everyone hear your lovely voice. Of course Alby notices the group. Apart from his, his Second in Command just disappeared into thin air. “What the hell is going on?”, the leader wants to know, while he makes his way through the boys.
One of them hits his elbow in his side not knowing who it is. “I think I’m in love”, another one mumbles with almost heart shaped eyes. “No, (Y/N) is my girl.” Alby furrows his eyebrows shocked about the effect you have on them. They are all putty in your hands. He can’t deny the melody is beautiful and catchy, but he would never…
“Damn, that’s a really nice show”, the leader mumbles to himself. Newt who stands in front of him can’t help himself, but smile. “Yeah, right? We have a bloody talent in the Glade and don’t even know it”, is his reply. You singing is probably better than every bonfire they have ever seen. “I hope this song never ends”, Chuck mumbles dreamily. The other boys just can nod in agreement.

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my walk
You’re gonna miss me by my talk, oh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Laughing you shake your head, while you put the jar back on the shelf. There is still work you have to do. “No!”, you hear a voice mumbling so you look to the door. “What the hell! You are creepy shanks!”, you exclaim with red cheeks as you see that the whole Glade was listening to you. They have heard everything.
“But that was awesome! Can you sing it again?”, Chuck is the first who breaks the ice between all of you. Newt scratches the back of his neck awkwardly like the rest of the boys. They are bit ashamed that you have caught them staring and listening. “If you are going to do this every time you enter my kitchen, you are always welcome, (Y/N)!”, Frypan gives you his best smile.
Blushing you look at the ground, while you mumble a “Thank you”. It surprises you a little bit that they enjoyed your song. “I have to agree. That’s probably the best melody I have ever heard”, Gally compliments you to everyone’s surprise. The tough Builder got touched by your voice.
“Boys. Please, stop”, you don’t know how to hide your red face. “It will be just once that we are all one opinion, but you are bloody talented, (Y/N)”, Newt gives you his best smile. “Can you show me how to do this?!”, Thomas can’t hold back himself anymore. That’s typical for him, but you are proud of yourself that you can do something he can’t.
“Slim it, shank. I want to hear that more often! Won’t you entertain us in the evening by the bonfire?”, Minho suggests as he hits his elbow into Thomas’ rips to stop him. “Marry me!”, one of the Gladers yells in the meantime. A slight smile appears on your lips. Maybe it isn’t bad at all that the boys have heard you singing. They are more than putty in your hands.
“Okay, but only if I get some things in return…”, you reply innocently as possible. “Uh, she’s a clever one. We are going to pay a high price, right?”, Alby understands immediately which game you are playing. “Just a few little things like my own hut?”, everyone is looking at the Keeper of the Builders.
Gally crosses his arms over his chest, “It’s going to be faster built than you can say ”You are gonna miss me when I’m gone“, princess. Something else?” Yes, that’s going into a direction you definitely like, “Oh, that’s just the first point on my list, boys.”

Hope you liked it :)

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Can I request a headcanon gif for Law, Sabo, Shanks, Ace, Kid, Luffy and Mihawk favorite Chris brown song or even just like favorite song mostly pop/hip hop or even country. I don't care what you decide. I just thought the Beyoncé one was awesome! But then I couldn't decide if I want it Chris brown(love so many of his songs) or just favorite song but I think they would be up beat song but I'm also in a country mood so I'm conflicted. I hope this wasn't weird 🤗

Im doing silly or fun HC request because my mood been downs, maybe i can possible lift yours :) P.s the gifs are of them dancing to it. OH for each character, after reading it, want you to pause and just imagine that scene happening because it makes it ten times better. 


  • He listens to the song deuces when he doing work and is relaxed enough to actually listen to music. He likes the beat, and hums along with his baritone voice, which is kinda hot. (Of course he be more sly and less hype about about it, he wouldn’t even know he was humming or slightly swaying along)

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  • Likes the song she aint you, because this the song he actually hits vocals and he loves the ranges and notes he hits. But the best part is when he dances along to it, and hums along because headcanon guys Sabo can sing. (hopefully, I’m pretty sure.)

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(lmao he does this, and its on beat to the opening of the song, which is some how cute and funny)


  • He enjoys the song Take you down and Yo excuse me miss. He likes listening to songs that tell a story, however his favorite song is Kiss Kiss, makes him younger and like a hotshot. His song to pump him out when he goes out the bar.

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  • This cutie would like the song Turn up the music, and this is party song where he dances, and pumps his fist and the air too. He always ask the Dj to play this song during one of the infamous Whiteboards parties. He drags Marco to the dance floor and gets the whole crew riled up 

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  • Would love the song I can transform ya, even though he barely raps in it, but definitely feels like a ‘pimp’ or cool when listening to it. Especially when he last the music and attempt to rap along. He also listens to the song when he needs inspiration to create some thing new/weird.

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  • He likes the song Yeah x3 because Luffy likes upbeat songs and atmospheres, where he can really but out his dance moves onto the floor. Despite the fact that he can’t dance. (The gift is accurate.)

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  • He likes the song Yo (Excuse me miss). I don’t really see Mihawk ever listening to Chris brown, but this song at least represents Mihawk way with the ladies/men, and how he make everyones panties drop with one look. 

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(Lmao the look that makes the panties drop, i crack myself up)

mY vOws

I love you bitch *strum* I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you, biiiiiiiiiitch *strum*
Anyway I love you so much oh my goodness I remember when I we were cuddling and i was like w e l l d a m n I m f u c k e d bug you see now how it’s all good I REMEMVER ASKING YOU OUT BY FUCKING SAUING “AYE GURL YOU TRYNA BE MY BOO THAANG ” IN THE GROUP CHAT AND I LOST MY FUCKING SHIT I WAS SO HAPPY BUt yeah this is aWesome and i know at some times am a little shut but you still some how love me back wHUCH IS AMAZUNG and yeah I’m really really really fucking lucky and i know for a fact that Sean is gonna reblog this with just


And I’m gonna shank him but that’s for ANOTHER TIIIME but yeah anyway ily thanks for marrying me

No homo @heyitsjubilee

ps I am so sorry this is so short I am so bad at things like this pls still love me
Pure Fire (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Pure Fire

Requested by anon:

Hi, can I have a Newt x reader imagine where the reader is the only girl in the glade and comes up in the box with tattoos and is really punk rock and has fire ombré hair (if you don’t know what it is, look it up, it’s really cool!) and all the guys check her out but Newt is really protective of her. Thanks so much xx

Requested by anon:

Hey! I love your fan fictions so much! I was wondering if you can do a NewtxReader where Y/N is a super shy girl that shows up in the box. She doesn’t really talk much and the whole glade thinks she’s weird, but Newt is protective over and he manages to get her to talk to him! I understand if you have too many requests:)


A/N: I hope you guys don’t mind that I put these together, but they were so similar that I thought I might as well do one imagine instead of two. I slightly changed some things (instead of being shy she’s really quiet, but she’s kind of fiery), but I tried to stay as true to the requests as possible. Enjoy!!

That girl was like nothing the Gladers had seen before. Not only was she a female, but none of the boys were like her either.

She had fiery dark reddish hair with the ends died of a pale yellowish color. It looked like it was on fire.

She also wore faded black jeans that were partially torn down along the knees, revealing part of her legs, and a loose black t-shirt with a big skull that had bat wings on it.

Her skin was also marked with strange tattoos that covered part of her collarbone and back and her whole left arm. And she had three piercings on her earlobe.

So when the boys helped her out of the Box, not only they were lost for words because she was a girl among around fifty boys but she was also so different.


Y/N rested her back against the tall stone walls of the Maze.

She sighed as she bit on the sandwich Frypan had given her.

He, unlike the rest of the guys, didn’t try to court her. He just smiled to her warmly and told her she should join the guys in the tables. Frypan did that during every meal, but she never listened. It may not be his intention, but he still stared at her every time.

If they all behaved differently towards her, she might reconsider it.

All they did was stare at her, check her out because of her looks.

Even if she didn’t know how she actually looked like, she could see her arm filled with tattoos, not even a single centimeter of skin visible among so much ink. She knew her long hair was a strange color. And she knew her clothes were different too.

But did they have to be so rude and shamelessly check her out?

Y/N enjoyed being alone and never talked to anyone. And even more if they were that way.

Finishing her food, she glanced around what Alby had called ‘The Glade’ during the Tour. She had been there for four days already and none of them had managed to get a word out of her. Maybe because she didn’t really like any of the boys that much.

If they were nicer, she might change her mind.

In that moment, someone jogged out of the Maze. A dark haired boy with strong built.

Y/N curiously looked up at him and thought that she hadn’t seen him before. Alby said the Runners spent most of the time in the Maze, so that would explain why.

“Wow” The Runner came to a halt and looked at her.

Y/N didn’t say anything. She just kept staring at him.

“You’re the Greenie, huh?” He wiped the sweat of his forehead with the back of his hand and crouched down in front of her.

She just nodded with a shrug.

“I’m Minho” The guy offered his hand for her to shake, but she didn’t.

It annoyed her that ‘Minho’ kept looking her up and down so bluntly.

Seeing as she wasn’t keen of talking to him, he put his hand away.

“They were right, you’re…” He didn’t finish the sentence, just shot his eyebrows up in a flirtatious way.

Was he going to flirt with her too? Almost every single boy in that damn place had tried. That was one of the main reasons of why she was so bothered by them.

She was more than just good looking or sexy. She was a girl, a person. With a personality and good inner qualities.

“Minho, leave the Greenie alone, will you shank?” A voice said, making the Runner turn around.

“Slim it. She isn’t even talking to me” Minho replied, standing up again to face the other boy.

“No wonder she doesn’t want to talk to any of you bloody lugs” The blond said, placing a hand on his hip with a smirk on his face.

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing” Minho shrugged and, throwing them a last glance, he jogged off, saying something about the maps.

Y/N rolled her eyes as he left.

The blond looked at her in silence for a moment. He was smiling at her widely.

Well, at least that one didn’t seem like a complete ‘shank’, how they said. Maybe she just didn’t give him a chance to introduce himself.

She examined the blond boy as he plopped down next to her. She knew he had told her his name, but she didn’t remember. Y/N didn’t really have an interest in getting along with any of those boys anyway. They got on her nerves being so rude to her or straight up trying to woo her.

Maybe because she was the greenbean. Maybe because she was a girl. Maybe because she was so strange. Whatever the reason, they kept annoying her.

“You have to excuse that shank” The British guy said as he friendly shoved her with his shoulder. “All brawn no brains”

Y/N chuckled, but she looked down. She didn’t want to show she was beginning to actually like him.

“She bloody smiled!” He joked, still smiling himself.

Y/N looked at him and noticed his brown eyes for the first time. He truly looked kind and caring.

“Thanks for that” She told him, referring to Minho, hearing her own voice for the first time since she got out of the Box.

“Bloody hell, we thought you were mute!” He exclaimed, completely puzzled.

“I’m just really quiet” Y/N shrugged, something they noticed, she did really often.

“Got a name then, Greenie?” They all have asked for her name, but she had never talked to them. Not even told them her name.


“Newt” The blond smiled at her and they shook hands.

That was his name! Newt. At least Y/N thought he was friendly.

Now that he had managed to get her to talk, he had to keep talking to her. He wanted to get to know her too, he found Y/N so incredibly interesting.

So Newt broke the silence and tried to make conversation.

“Why don’t you talk then, Y/N?”

“Because they bother me” Talking to Newt was really easy, so she had no problem telling him how she felt. “They keep either staring at me or flirting”

“I’ll make sure no one bothers you again” Even though Newt had the feeling that Y/N didn’t need him protecting her, he wanted to.


After the day she chatted with Newt, Y/N was a little more extroverted.

She still enjoyed being alone and quiet, but at least she spoke more and the boys changed their behavior too.

Mainly because they had learned that they shouldn’t try to pick her anymore. Newt was very protective of her, and him and Alby had agreed that if anyone touched her, there would be consequences.

Still, not the leader nor the second in command needed to do anything. She perfectly knew how to handle herself.

And the real proof was how she handled Minho.

“I’m going to try again” The Runner had told the second in command one time they were eating together.

“You have a bloody death wish, Minho?” Newt answered, staring at him in disbelief.

“Come on, she’s the only girl in the Glade. I’m the best boy of the Glade…” Newt rolled his eyes at Minho’s words.

“Don’t you bloody dare” Newt followed him as Minho stood up and walked towards her.

She was helping Gally cut wood as she had made it as a Builder. She was very insistent that she was perfectly capable of doing that man’s work. And she definitely did it.

“Hey, Y/N” Minho called her, so she stopped what she was doing and looked at him.

Gally, who was beside her, looked too. They had become best friends in the Glade because she knew how to shut his mouth when he got full on ‘Captain Gally mode’ and that impressed him so much they began to talk more often.

“You know you look bomb today, girl?” Minho smirked.

“I would stop if I were you, slinthead” Newt warned him, noticing Y/N staring at his friend.

“Shut it, shuck face” Minho absently told him, his dark eyes still fixed on the girl.

“I’ve told you many times that I’m not interested” Y/N knew that, even if he could be the shuckiest shank in the Glade, he didn’t really mean to upset her. But he was so annoying sometimes. “So shuck off, Minho”

Newt snorted and held Minho’s glare when he heard him.

“What? I bloody told you”

Minho just focused back on her.

“Look, I’m-“

“I know, you say it all the time. You’re so awesome, oh, great Keeper of the Runners!” The sarcasm was so strong that it made Minho’s eye twitch in annoyance. “Now would you leave me alone, you shank?!”

Y/N shoved Minho as he stared in awe, his mouth agape.

Newt smiled proudly as he watched her, sending her a wink.

She could be extremely warm and quiet if you were kind to her. But she would definitely burst if you bothered and her hair wouldn’t be the only fiery thing. That girl was pure fire!

Fic: Juxtaposition

Drunken shenanigans that take place a while before 5x14. 3400 words.


Kurt’s band practice was supposed to be finished by seven, and with an hour of travel time added on to that, Blaine had expected him home by eight o'clock. So when the vintage flip clock in the kitchen’s numbers flop over to half past ten, Blaine is well on his way to uncontrollably antsy. He hasn’t seen or spoken to Kurt since their shared lunch at noon, and he wants him. He misses him. And honestly, he’s starting to get a little worried.

He paces back and forth from the kitchen to the living area, forgetting the glass of sparkling grape juice he’d just soda-streamed for Sam. “Just call him,” Sam says with laugh. “He’s probably hanging out with that Elliott guy.”

And that’s what makes Blaine’s decision for him. He can’t say he fully trusts Elliott around Kurt. What sort of a friend and bandmate doesn’t even add your fiancé on Facebook? That’s just bad etiquette. Surely that must mean he has a reason for not wanting to be Blaine’s Facebook friend, something he’s trying to hide. And that isn’t okay with Blaine. At all.

He taps on Kurt’s name on his call list and presses the phone to his ear, listening to it ring and ring. It goes on for longer than it normally does, and he’s just about to end the call when he hears a rumbling laugh and half of the word ‘hello.’ But it isn’t Kurt.

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writing-frenzy  asked:

So, I've joined the 'I wish' wagon, hope you don't mind. I wish you would write a fic where Luffy has an interesting talent, like maybe he can sing amazingly, is talented with languages, just something no one would expect, and because of this skill, he ends up changing some things.

(Please don’t send me anymore. I still have a few to get through but I’m not taking more than that.)

The singing thing, unfortunately, I’ve seen in way too many KHR fics where Tsuna is a ridiculous uke with an amazing singing voice that attracts everyone, so every time I see something like this, it makes me think of that and it just turns me off. Like, if the singing can be more naturally fitted in (ie. Persona A is the singer in a bar, Person B plays the piano or something, fic takes place in the bar with plot, etc) instead of just thrown in and sticks out like a sore thumb and makes no sense being there in the first place, then I’m all for it, but otherwise, just no.

The languages is interesting, like maybe anywhere the Straw Hat Pirates go, Luffy knows the local language, and his crew would be pretty amazed because normally, Luffy isn’t one for studying at all. Zoro takes it in stride, he joined up first so he’s known since practically the beginning, and honestly he doesn’t much care, his captain is the most surprising guy in the world, and knowing a lot of languages can only help on their journey. Nami would be miffed at first but curious too, and somewhat shocked, especially when Luffy proves to be able to speak to monkeys and turtles just as well as people. But she’s pragmatic so anytime she goes to bargain for supplies, she takes Luffy along if whatever market they’re in might speak in other languages and she doesn’t want to be cheated or mistaken when she can only speak through hand gestures. Having Luffy there ensures a translator who knows exactly what those sniggering shady-looking merchants are muttering about.

The others get over it one by one soon enough after the initial surprise. Considering Luffy’s monstrous strength and devil’s luck and astounding ability to pull through just about any impossible crisis they’re faced with, speaking multiple languages hardly makes the top of the list.

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