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One Piece Tokyo Tower

I went to One Piece Tokyo Tower on my trip to Tokyo this August, and I don’t ever want to leave that place anymore. One Piece fans should really visit this place. Unlike J-world which includes other Shonen Jump titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball and Gintama, One Piece Tokyo Tower mainly focuses only on One Piece. There’s an exclusive Mugiwara Store in there and also another Sanji restaurant which serves buffet.

When we entered the indoor theme park, we ushered into this 360 degrees cinema where we stand in the center of the room and they play all the epic moments and tear-dropping scenes from the anime. I remembered it showed Shanks saving Luffy, Sanji bowing to Zeff, Nami asking for Luffy’s help, Zoro losing to Mihawk, Usopp as Sogeking firing a shot at the World Govt flag, Robin yelling she wants to continue living, Merry’s viking funeral, Ace’s death and the Straw Hat’s reunion after 2 years. I kinda cried when I watched all these. We were then ushered out and then the staff welcomed us by singing “We Are”. Then we were free to roam around and play the games inside.

We were in One Piece Tokyo Tower!

Rolling down slope with the Kung-Fu Dugongs!

Partying with the Straw Hat crew!

With my favorite Nico Robin <3

Cut it out guys, stop fighting!

Thousand Sunny on the cruise~

Let’s go party, Chopper!

Let’s rock with the Soul King Brooke!


Road to Sogeking! You’ll have to use Kabuto and catapult rubber balls to the target. I am really bad at it. I’ll leave Sogeking’s job back to Usopp ^^;;

With our favorite Heart Pirates! Trafalgar Law and Bepo! *heart eyes*

One of the most epic moment, which lead Luffy to his long journey towards being the Pirate King.

Surrounded by fire with Portgas D. Ace.

Being picked up by Bartholomew Kuma.

Brooke’s haunted house. You have a mission to clear inside. You’ll have to throw a salt ball into the zombie’s mouth. Yep, make sure to aim the mouth.

That’s my friend peeping through a hole, watching Nami shower.

We watched another One Piece live in Tokyo Tower. They hand out some glowing crystal torch which changes colors according to the scene they were playing, and it was really cool! They were fighting against Kizaru and it was epic!

And there’s Law, walking towards the side stage, letting the fangirls swooning over for him XD.

The many sword collections from One Piece.

Law’s nodachi - Kikoku

Tashigi’s katana - Shigure

Mihawk’s gigantic sword - Yoru

Fujitora’s blade

Mihawk’s small blade

Another photo with the Straw Hat crew before I leave this great place.

I definitely recommend all One Piece fans should pay a visit to this awesome place! Well some of the games and rides have a no photography and videography sign in it so I can’t really take pictures. But please, if you have the chance, go to Japan and visit this place. I guarantee it is worth it! :)

And yeah, I have to do this XD

—  Me referring to angry adult fictional characters covered in the blood of their enemies.

These are for the German anon! 

General HCs:

Benn Beckman

  • He’s very quiet and relaxed compared to the rest of his crew.
  • And prefers spending time alone (or with his s/o) rather than partying. 
  • Trusts his captain more than anyone else. 
  • What he admires the most in a person are bravery and honor.
  • Likes smelling his partner’s perfume while playing with their hair.
  • He looks like a cold, emotionless person but he believes in true love and won’t start dating anyone unless he feels they’re the right one.
  • And he’s one of the most loyal partners you can find. 
  • If he confesses his love, it’s for life.
One Piece Chapter 793 Yonko Progression

Kid/Hawkins/Apoo Alliance

Going after 

Yonko Red Haired Shanks

Capone “Gang” Bege

Working under Big Mom

X Drake 

Working Under Kaido

Aokiki + Blackbeard Team UP


Things I want to see in One Piece:
- Shanks when he was a kid
- Shanks being proud of Luffy
- How strong Shanks was when he was still on Roger’s ship
- Sh anks when he w as a k id
- When and why Roger gave his hat to Shanks
- Shanks when he was a kid
- More Shanks as a teenager
- Shanks’ hometown and family
- Did I mention Shanks as a kid
- Shanks and Buggy moments
- Sh an ks as a kid
- I just want to see Shanks again ple ase
- Shanks pls
- shanks