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I'm hella exited for Christmas-y requests. I <3 your blog 10/10 check everyday <3 If someone hasn't already done this, but, Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, Ace, and Smoker with kissing their gf under the mistletoe?

(^///^ I’m glad you like my blog, Anon! I shall do this in crew order!)

Monkey D. Luffy: Nami had explained what Mistletoe was and he couldn’t help but smile at his partner’s clueless expression. He quickly ran over and grabbed their hands before kissing them in a quick, chaste kiss. His partner looked at him confused and blushing before he grinned and exclaimed: “Mistletoe!”

Roronoa Zoro: He saw his partner under the mistletoe and smirked. He walked up behind them and put his hands on their hips before turning them around and kissing them. He felt them stiffen in shock and he smirked, pulling away. His partner was blushing darkly, stuttering out his question. He pointed up, still smirking. “Mistletoe.”

Black Leg Sanji: When he saw his partner under the mistletoe, little hearts formed in his eyes as he made his way over. Before they could even ask him anything, he gave them a quick peck, smiling ditzily. His partner blinked and smiled, asking what was that for. He just grinned and pointed at the mistletoe. “Mistletoe, (Y/N)-chwan!”

Tony Tony Chopper: “A kiss?” He asked Robin as she smiled and nodded. He looked at his partner and smiled, running over and hugging their leg. They blinked and kneeled down to his level. He kissed their cheek, giggling and blushing. They smiled at how cute he was and questioned him. “That’s what you do under Mistletoe!”

Dead Bones Brook: He saw that his partner was under the mistletoe and spun his way over, laughing. He grabbed his partner’s hand and kissed their knuckles before placing a kiss on their lips. When he pulled away, his partner looked up at him with big eyes. He laughed at their flustered expression and pointed up. “Mistletoe, (Y/N)-san~”

Trafalgar Law: He smirked and walked over to them, saying ‘Room’. They looked confused for a bit until he wrapped his arm around them. Before they even questioned him, he leaned down and kissed them. They blushed when he pulled away and he smirked again, mumbling: “Mistletoe” and kissing them again.

Portgas D. Ace: He grinned as he saw them under the mistletoe. He ran over and wrapped his arms around them. “Excuse me!” He exclaimed before capturing their lips in a breathtaking kiss. When he pulled away, his partner blinked at him and blushed. He grinned and pecked their lips again before saying: “Mistletoe!”

White Hunter Smoker: He wouldn’t have cared until he saw the cute clueless expression on his partner’s face. He strode over and stood in front of them. They blinked up at him and were about to question him, when they were silenced by a peck on the lips. They were blushing and he looked to the side, a light blush on his cheeks. “Mistletoe, idiot.”

Red Hair Shanks: He giggled like a little kid when he saw them looking clueless. He walked over and put his hand on their cheek. “Cute.” He mumbled before kissing them quickly. They blushed and looked up. “Ohhh.” They said, making him laugh. “So cute!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arm around them this time and kissing them again.

Buggy the Clown: He usually doesn’t show affection in front of the crew but he found this a good chance to embarrass his partner as payback from the other times. He went over and greeted them. They looked at him before greeting him back. He leaned down and pecked their lips, muttering so that only they could hear. “Mistletoe is above you, just so you know.”

My grandma is a total badass

Ok so last night I was at sedar with my family and there was an orange on the sedar plate. For those of you who don’t know, this is pretty unconventional. The sedar plate usually has very specific, symbolic things on it like bitter herbs, a shank bone, etc. But an orange does not typically belong on there. So my grandma was explaining why she put it there and she said that there was this rabbi who said that “A woman belongs on the altar like an orange belongs on a sedar plate” meaning that a woman doesn’t belong on the altar. So my grandma, being the badass that she is, was like “fuck it, now there’s an orange on the sedar plate, bitch”

© James Merrell

Wine Wednesday: Osso buco translates as “hole in the bone,” referring to the delectable marrow in the center of the veal shank bone. This Lombardian specialty is ideal for entertaining because the flavor of the dish only improves if it’s made in advance. Serve it with a rich, meaty wine, such as a Sangiovese from southern Italy.

Recipe: Slow-Braised Osso Buco

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Now How about the Strawhat crew+brook+Shanks+Buggy+Law+ Ace react to being under the mistletoe unaware while their S/O kisses them! :3

(On the way! This is cute! So I’ve decided to make Chopper Human in this one [no worries he is 16 or 18 if you want to think of this in either time])

Monkey D. Luffy: When his partner wrapped their arms around his neck and kissed him, he was surprised but he just smiled and kissed them back, lifting them into the air. When they broke apart, his partner would laugh and point up and he would look at the plant before laughing too.

Roronoa Zoro: He’d be caught off guard when his partner would pull him down and kiss him. He’d blush and wouldn’t be able to respond since his partner pulled away. They smiled at him and pointed at the mistletoe. He would smirk and pull them back to kiss them again.

Cat Burglar Nami: She was pleasantly surprised at her partner’s surprise kiss but she wasn’t complaining as she kissed them back. When they pulled away too early for her, she pouted and looked up when she saw that they were pointing at the mistletoe above their heads.

Sniper King Usopp: He stiffened and turned completely red when his partner pecked his lips. He would stutter out a bunch of questions and their partner would just grin and point up. When he saw the mistletoe, it clicked in his head and he would chuckle before pecking their lips back, face still red.

Black Leg Sanji: He would be a bit flustered at first but eagerly kiss back and would pout a bit when they pulled away. He would question them and they would just point up. He would look up and grin before bringing them back into a kiss, saying something like ‘Oh look, we’re still under the mistletoe.’

Tony Tony Chopper: He would be completely flustered when his partner pecked his lips. He would be so flustered that his words wouldn’t come out right but his partner would have gotten the hint. They would say ‘Mistletoe’ and he would blink before giggling and hugging his partner, blushing.

Nico Robin: She would be slightly surprised but quickly brush it off and kiss them back. When they pulled away, she would just have smiled at them. She would have looked up before they pointed it out and giggled before kissing their cheek and cooing about how cute they were.

Cyborg Franky: He’d be caught off at first that he wouldn’t have reacted. When his partner pulled back and saw his confused and surprised expression, they laughed and said ‘mistletoe’ while pointing upward. He looked and smiled before pecking their lips and chuckling.

Dead Bones Brook: He was surprised by his partner’s boldness but he wasn’t complaining since he loved his partner’s kisses. When they pulled away, he tilted his head and asked them politely why that came out of nowhere. After pointing upward, he understood and laughed.

Red Hair Shanks: He would eagerly kiss back and pull them closer. He would try to deepen it and would pout when his partner pulled away. They would laugh and point at the mistletoe and he would look before grinning and trapping them in his arms. He’d tease them and go in for another kiss.

Buggy the Clown: He would turn completely red at his partner’s surprise ‘attack’. He would pull back and point at them, asking them why they did that. They would just smile at his reaction before saying ‘mistletoe’. He would look up and let out a small and stuttery ‘oh’.

Trafalgar Law: His eyes would widen slightly and maybe even have a small tint of pink on his cheeks. When his partner pulled back, he would be silent as his partner would giggle at his expression. They pointed up and he saw the mistletoe. He looked back at them and smirked at them.

Portgas D. Ace: He would be flustered and a small flame would probably ignite on the top of his head. He would question them after the kiss was over and he would look up before they answered. He saw the small plant and grinned before pulling his partner close and kissing them again.

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Ace, Buggy, and Shanks reaction to their s/o inviting them to dance with them during a crew's party? :D (Thank you for your time and effort at making our fantasys come to life! )

Portgas D. Ace: He was content with just standing by the side and gulping down liquor from his mug, watching his partner dance around on deck. His head swayed from side to side, smiling at his partner’s adorable moves to the crew’s band. He blinked when they skipped over to him and held out their hand to him. He chuckled and glanced at them, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” They grinned at him and curled their fingers in a ‘come here’ motion.

“Join me.”

“I don’t dance.” His partner rolled their eyes and grabbed his hand.

“Come on, Ace. Who cares?” Ace laughed and let his partner tug him up. They tugged him to the deck and continued to dance with him in a silly manner, making him and the crew laugh.

Buggy the Clown: He blushed and glared at his partner who was holding both their hands out to him. The innocent smile on their face just made him more embarrassed, which he hid with an annoyed expression.

“No way.” His partner pouted and he had to look away to hide the blush.

“Aww. Why not, Buggy?”

“I don’t dance.” They sighed and he looked back at them. He felt a sting in his chest at seeing the sad look on their face as they lowered their hands.

“Okay… I’ll ask Cabaji then-” Right as they turned around, his hand flew out and grabbed their wrist. He dragged them to the deck, mumbling angrily.

“You will do no such thing. If you’re gonna dance with anyone, it sure as hell gonna be me.” He grumbled as they grinned at him.

Brook: As he played his violin, he watched content as the crew drank and messed around. His eyes landed on his partner and he smiled at them. They only smiled back and stood in front of him.

“What is it, (Y/N)-san?” They folded their hands behind their back and smiled at him.

“Brook, I want to have at least one dance with you tonight.” He laughed, never halting his playing.

“If I do that, then who would play the music?” They pouted and he laughed again. “I promise you a dance tonight if you get the tone dial from my room-” He watched as his partner ran off to his room to find the tone dial, making him laugh happily at his partner’s cuteness.

Shanks: He raised an eyebrow with a teasing smile on his lips.

“Eh? You wanna dance?” They nodded shyly and glanced at the deck where the crew was drunkenly dancing and having a good time.

“I really do…” He held back from teasing their pout and chuckled, grabbing their hand in his.

“You know, I can’t do much with one arm.” They looked at him, their eyes immediately brightening up and a big smile on their lips.

“I-It’s fine with me! I just want to dance with you!” Shanks laughed and pulled them to his side so that he was able to wrap his arm around them.

“Then let’s dance!” He exclaimed while laughing. Alright, he might have been a little drunk.

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Brook, Coby, Shanks, and Mihawk(sp?) reaction to their s/o taking a fatal blow for them? And dying in their arms? Im sorry its a sad one!

( ;-; <— All I got to say. Edit: Coby’s and Mihawk’s are after the incident. I hope you don’t mind)

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How would Ace,Luffy, Shanks,Buggy, and Brooks treat their S/O if they caught a cold during the week of Christmas?


Portgas D. Ace:

  • He’d lay with you and hold you close. His body temperature was higher than most but you were the one burning this time
  • He wouldn’t let you go unless the doctor made you and that took some convincing too
  • If you were still sick on Christmas, he’d be by your side instead of being with the crew. He didn’t mind

Monkey D. Luffy:

  • In all honesty, he’d be bummed out but when Chopper told him that you could get better, he was happy again
  • He was anxious and you had to calm him down that it was only a cold. He’d suggest you eat a lot of meat and encouraged you to get better
  • If you were still sick on Christmas, he’d be a bit sad but he was more worried about your state. You tried to convince him to go celebrate but he shook his head and climbed in next to you on your bed

Red Hair Shanks:

  • He’d be running around, worried out of his mind. It would take a long time for the crew to calm him down
  • He’d hold your hand and tell you to get better. He would honestly act as if it was a terminal illness instead of a cold
  • If you were still sick on Christmas, he wouldn’t leave your side, no matter how many times you told him to leave

Buggy the Clown:

  • He would have scolded you for getting sick which made you have a cough attack after yelling back that it wasn’t your fault
  • He’d be a little bit more sensitive and get the doctor to treat you. He’d be worried sick but he would be hiding it pretty well
  • If you were still sick on Christmas, he’d pretend to leave but only to come back with some food and hot chocolate for you. He’d blush once you pointed out that he cared and he would yell that he didn’t

Dead Bones Brook:

  • He would have panicked so bad that the crew had to tackle him and force him to calm down
  • He would stick by your side and tell you stories to help you feel better and to get you to smile
  • If you were still sick on Christmas, he had left for a bit which surprised you but you were glad that he went to go enjoy himself. He came back with his violin and sat beside you, playing a few songs so you could enjoy Christmas as well
I Have A Bone to Pick (with the animators)

Exhibit A: Scooby with a ham shank, bone nicely sawed off on the end. Normal enough.

Exhibit B: Scooby eating said ham shank, all in one bite, as per usual.

Exhibit C: Scooby pulling out the bone, which has regenerated its other end, as if by magic.

Either Scooby is a magician, or that bone is a Time Lord!