shani rps

Wardrobe Malfunction (RP with blitzklinge)

“Hahari, what is this?”

It had been the younger’s turn to make breakfast, the pinkette snatching bites as she cooked. And with a mouth full of orange slices, she turned and looked at a dress in Shani’s hands. “Ooh, that’s a Nine White dress. Classic.”

“I read the tag,” Shani said with a frown. “What I meant was, why was it in my closet?”

Hahari gulped nervously, letting out an uneasy laugh. “N-now, now, I have a perfectly good-” But before she could finish, Shani held up at least eight other dresses, all fashionable, slimming…and nothing at all like her usual wardrobe.

“Hahari-” Shani said with a testy voice. “Where are my clothes?”

It was two hours later in the shop that Hahari received a punishment fitting her crime; checking business receipts.

Not only was it a boring and tedious job, but it was difficult for her to boot. Shani insisted on keeping the merchant copy of every receipt they printed for tax records….and Hahari’s hand was growing cramped as she wrote down the amounts sold in profit for the past years. “Ughaaa…” She groaned, feeling tormented. “It was just a wardrobe update, you didn’t have to subject me to this!”

“Until my clothes are back where they belong, you’ll be working on that business ledger until it’s finished. Then you’ll fill out the tax forms.”