I am angry.

Isn’t it sick that upRISE, avex’s label, is doing everything to appeal to domestic fans only? If you’re an oversea fan of Acid Black Cherrry, you get next to nothing in terms of informations, official photos and events.

 It wasn’t this bad before, when I joined the fandom in 2010 upRISE started caring about oversea fans more - they’ve made official fanpage of ABC on facebook, they also made a twiter account. 

During Project Shangri-la in 2013-2014 something has changed, because after it was finished they stopped publishing blog entries with yasu’s photos, they stopped tweeting and we stopped having yasu to tweet from time to time. Not to mention that yasu has abadoned his personal blog in 2009 and since then he never had any social media account. 

Recently even PSC company is being more open, with bands like the GazettE, who have been known as the most “strict” one when it comes to being open for fans. 

DAMIJAW is also under upRISE, but ka-yu was allowed to make an instagram account and he is well known for interacting with fans on DAMIJAW’s official twitter account. Several photos were shared there, not to mention DAMIJAW’s youtube channel with many video comments from the band.

Yet, ABC is still being closed for oversea fans, despite being one of the most popular artists from avex at the moment. It’s no secret that ABC is joining a-nation festival almost every year to help avex sell tickets for this event, especially last year (2015), when they announced Acid Black Cherry participating kind of last minute. And we got a confirmation of this with this year’s avex information leak.

If ABC’s mangament is aware of our existence, why they are making everything to pretend we don’t exist? Why ABC has not performed oversea, not even once? FC trip to Guam barely counts, since it was a closed event for a few people. I’m talking about real tour which has never happened. 

ABC just celebrated their 9th anniversary. Time to make such big move next year, yasu.

We’re a massive fan of the “Digi-Floral” craze, and we’re definitely all over a good pair of durable footwear, so together I think that makes the perfect combo?!

These have sold out ridiculously quickly online at Nike, and stockists such as Lost Art, Bored of Southsea and Remix Casuals only have a very limited run of sizes left!

Do not sleep on this info… 5050 store will be putting ALL remaining sizes online at WWW.5050STORE.COM 6pm tonight! Be ready!


In case you missed it - and statistically it’s very likely you did - here’s my Rupert Murdoch Page 3 piece I did for the Glastonbury Shangri-La Newspaper. You’re welcome.


I’m finding it really hard to put my mesh and suede beauties back in their boxes until after Winter, even though I know I’ll appreciate it in the Spring. Yesterday I risked it all and stepped out in my neon Nike Air Max 95’s and braved the elements, dodging that maze of water-clogged paving slabs on my walk to town. 

They’re a great shoe, even though they’re not to everyones taste. If you’re blessed (or cursed) with small feet like myself, you can pick up a pair for a bargain over at Small Feet Big Kicks.

Grab a pair, and be reckless like me on these almost dry days, or save them for summer. Either way they’re a staple shoe and a must have in your collection!

Shangry x

Firstly I should probably introduce myself, I’m Shannan but you may know me as shangry on Tumblr/Instagram. I also run my own blog, Talk Casuals, but I am proper excited to be a new contributor for The Unisex Mode.

I have been up North for the past few days and I always make sure I have a bit of spending money when I’m here. With the new season collections hitting stores there’ve been further additions to sale lines, and I got such a bargain.

For only £36, at near enough 70% off, I got this State Coat in Camo from the Carhartt WIP store in Manchester! Make sure you check out your local store because I have no doubt there will be some absolute steals lurking on the sale racks!

This week, we’re hanging out in Norway to see the likes of Wolf Alice, Grimes, and John Grant perform at Slottsfjell Festival. As per our tradition, we’re posting mixtapes to help keep us in a festival state of mind. The next one in our series comes from Norway’s best-kept secret, Hanne Fjeldstad.

(via Premiere: Hanne Fjeldstad Mixtape (Slottsfjell Edition) | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)

French Version HERE. / March 2nd, 2016, Paris.

You’re back with a third album. Without putting away your lovely acoustic guitar, your last album Shangri La was more electric, rock and bluesy than your first one. Can you spot any difference between Shangri La and On My One ? I heard that it was hip hop sometimes, do you agree ?

  • Yes there are some hip hop elements on this new album. There some elements on this record that went on the previous ones too: there is a little bit of soul on this record, a little bit of hip hop and a little bit of dance music as well.

Is On My One going to be less electric?

  • Not really. The second album had a few electric guitars. There are a few songs that are more balanced, they’re not really electrified, it is a little bit more pop I’d say. There are guitars in all of them but maybe they’re lower in the mix than all that you know.

Everything went fast for you and now, you’re part of those British artists who are expected by the public although you’re only 22. Does that fact changed the way you’ve created the album? Does the fame scare you when you make one? Do you fear the album will not please once it’s released?

  • Of course. I worry about if the album is gonna do well. I’m wanna do this for the rest of my life, so you want to do well. You can be nervous to see how will it do it. But I also don’t make music to please everybody else, I started making music in the first place to for myself. If that’s what people relate to and they enjoy it that’s cool, but I think people forget sometimes that you’re not writing songs for them, you write them for yourself and people relate to it. Sometimes you write songs for people but, on my first record it was a lot about where I was from, my life, and people related to it, I wasn’t writing for anybody else then because I didn’t have any fans so I just continued doing that I guess.

So the fact that people are waiting for you doesn’t stresses you out too much…

  • You know, I don’t want to scare the fans that I already had. There is not a lot of contemporary music that I like at the moment but I hope that there is an artist that I’m not a fan of but the next album they make could be my favorite album of all time. I think that every album should be different, it should be something new and I would not be annoyed if the artist went to trying to do something different after that, it is just how I feel.

The album isn’t out yet but two tracks have already been shared : On my one and Gimme the love. Gimme the love surprised me in a good way as I wasn’t expecting such a drumbeat and brick song. Did you have that desire for this album to show that you aren’t only a folk songwriter as many people describe you like this ?

  • I was just experimenting, I wasn’t trying to prove a point or show off. I just wanted to try some different things for myself. With Gimme the Love I started with a hip hop kind of groove and kind of a break beat kind of and I had just written the song over the top of that. It’s just a different way of trying things and (there isn’t another) song on the album that is like Gimme the Love I like to try to make the next song different from the next. The first album is pretty folk I guess, the second one not so much (there is more like a) 70s rock kind of folk vibes. The second one has kind of a few folk things on it I guess. Growing up I liked to listen to a lot of folk music myself, like Simon and Garfunkel or Donovan, that stuff is pretty cool.

Would you say that the third album is closer to the first one or to the second one ?

  • They’re all different from each other. I feel like album one and two are kind of the same album. This is chapter two now I think. That’s the way I like to see it.

The first album had these pleasant 60’s vibes about it. On the second album, the sound production was « cleaner », more current. How do you explain such a change?

  • I worked with different producers, I worked with Rubin on the second record. It’s Rick Rubin you know.I was happy to sit back and see how he wanted to record it, how he would like the songs to sound or be produced. It’s a good learning experience for me and an opportunity to do something different. For the first album I worked in different studios with different producers and for the second album I did it all in the same studio.

Did you decide to change producers ?

  • You know if Rubin wants to do an album with you it’s an opportunity you don’t pass up.

Do you write songs easily or is songwriting a lengthy process for you?

  • It depends. Some songs they take 5-10 minutes, some songs they take 5-10 months. Some take longer than others. Sometimes it can be natural, but sometimes you have to sit down and work quite hard on the songs.

How did you react to Bowie’s and Prince’s deaths ? Are they musicians who inspired you ?

  • I’m not really a huge fan of either, but I appreciate some of the songs that they have written. They are undeniably great. Everybody has to die at some point. It’s just the way it is.

You have announced many gigs for 2016, including prestigious ones such as T in the Park, Sziget or Glastonbury, and a date in Nottingham. How does it feel to play these venues ?

  • It’s a great experience, playing Glastonbury and clashing with Metallica. It’s something that I never thought would happen. When I play at home the crowd is always good, It could be a little bit stressful to try to see everybody afterwards family and stuff like that. T in the Park is always a good show. the audience is always up for a good time. They’re pretty wild, it’s pretty fun.

You released a live gig shot at the Royal Albert Hall with Michael Kiwanuka and Johnny Marr as guests. How was it, playing in such an historical venue?

  • The Albert Hall is a legendary venue. It was my first time. A lot of artists I love, like Jimmy Hendrix played it. It was amazing to play it and to have a footage of it. To play with Johnny Marr on stage and my friend Michael who is a good friend and I enjoyed playing with him. It was a great experience, a really fun time a fun time, something I definitely don’t want to forget, for sure.

Will you keep the same bandmates for the gigs to come?

  • Yes, but I have one additional member, a really cool keyboard player. He adds a little bit more of a dynamic because on the record we have horn sounds and string sounds, we felt that we needed something else, we needed (to step it up) to another level. So, same band, one extra person. He was a friend of a friend and, you know, when a friend says « I know a guy who can play the keyboard » it does really go very well and in this one occasion he was extremely good so, he is in the band.

So he is gonna tour with you the whole year ?

  • Yes we call him because sometimes he wander off (laughs).

Do you have any interest in the Brexit debate, if so are you for or against?

  • I think it would be good for us to stay in, but I think it would be interesting what would happen if we’d leave. If we left then we did really well, maybe all the other countries will be thinking « hmm you know, they’re doing very well, maybe we should leave too and then it just expand and the EU fall apart, which wouldn’t be good but it’s a tough one, you never know what’s gonna happen. They also say back home « if we did leave house prices would drop", which would be good for our own citizens and stuff like that. Most people I’ve spoken to want to stay in so I think we’re gonna end up staying in the EU. Nothing to do with music here but (laughs).

To finish on a different topic, how far do you think England will go for the European championship …

  • Oh we’re gonna win!

Do you prefer Kane, Vardy or Rooney?

  • Rooney is England’s top goal scorer, they’re very different players. They’re all English so I can’t really answer that question, I just hope that they play well and do us proud. You know as English we always say « we’re gonna win it, we’re gonna win it », and then we lose. I actually think that France will win it, believe it or not. They’ve got a very good midfield, very good team.

That’s funny because in France lots of people are supporting England!

  • Yes that’s because they just want us to lose! We have exciting players, but N'Golo Kante is a French guy, he plays with Jamie (Vardy) for Leicester he is an amazing player, he is French, he will be amazing in the Euro, he will be very good.

They should organize a huge match between you, Noel Gallagher, Sergio from Kasabian, that would be so cool, like a huge mess, Liam Gallagher in the middle.

  • It would be a huge mess! (laughs)

Are you excited about tomorrow? You’re playing a very small venue…

  • I’ve played there before, this tour is more of a press tour, we’re coming back. It’s just to keep the journalists excited, we just want people to hear the new stuff more than a real gig but we’ll see how it goes, if it the album goes well then we’ll probably play a bigger show later in the year. I like it here, it would be nice to keep coming here.

Have you ever played Taratata?

  • Yes four years ago. It seems smaller now, when you’re young, before it all starts going well it seems bigger. It’s pretty cool though.

It’s different playing on TV than playing in venues, with drunk people around…

  • Absolutely. Well we can do it here again!

No you can’t drink on TV… We have to sit for three hours.

  • You can’t leave ? What? they can’t make you stay! (laughs)


Here at The Unisex Mode, giving mens brands a feminine twist is in our nature.

This Patta #SSS ladies editorial was directed by creatives Ace Dia and Violette Esmerelda and features models Sara Grabek and Georgia Palmer. It was styled by Mila van der Linden, and what a fantastic editorial they produced.

It features Patta’s latest Winter collection, but from a female fashion perspective. It’s great to see these products being styled and shot the way we, ourselves, would put the pieces together.

I’ve attached just a few of my favourites images, but you can see the full editorial over at Patta. What do you think of it?

Shangry x

Ski Lodge 1 Callback to BMW: “Shangri-La”, Anyone?

As an avid, lifelong fan of Boy Meets World, I would like to draw your attention to this photoset from one of my favorite episodes of the show…

…Anddddd, now back to the topic at hand.

People really need to watch the BMW episode “As Time Goes By” - Maya’s Daydream is definitely a callback to it, for sure.

**“Shangri-La Café” was a dream born from Topanga’s mind, for the record…**

BOTH “Shangri-La” and the “The Purple Cat’s Bar” (somebody is going to need to confirm the name of the location, because I’m not sure that is it) are places where people go to have a good time without any worries.

As you may well know, from the spoilers, “The Purple Cat” is an antagonistic character in Maya’s Daydream, andddd of course, some of you are buggin’ about how Riley could ever be evil - I mean how dare those darn writers! (Sarcasm - It’s a beautiful thing…)

Well, before you go and condemn the writers for making the central character somewhat villainous in a dream state…Haaaaave you met Rory?

Just to give everyone a brief overview, Rory (Cory) is the shady owner of Shangri-La and Trixie (Topanga) “stumbles” into this world through a vortex in their closet (they had an argument about how she was studying and he was watching cartoons too loud, so she decided to clean the closet, instead) - this episode really highlights Topanga’s realism and maturity in relationship to Cory’s childish nature and the ending really opens Topanga’s eyes to enjoy some time sans responsibilities with her husband - I don’t want to give a bunch away, as there is way more to it than that, but it’s a very funny episode and you will definitely see connections to Maya’s Daydream in SL1.

So, I HIGHLY recommend that everyone watches this episode before SL1, and if you have already seen SL1, then watch this episode, anyway. Worth it.