shanghai sweetheart

Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Drama Review

Title: Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心)/ Shanghai Sweetheart

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Taiwanese Drama

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Episodes: 14

Starring: Rainie Yang, Show Luo,


Xue Hai (Show Luo) is a nerdy and sheltered heir to a mass fortune. He finally wiggles his way from his protective sister to go to college after promising to keep his wealth a secret. There he meets Bao Zhu, (Rainie Yang) a violent loner. She defends him from his bullies and he instantly falls head over heels in first love. As things become serious Bao Zhu’s mother opposes their relationship saying she must marry a wealthy man. When ironically Xue Hai is very wealthy but she does not know. Due to a misunderstanding Xue Hai believes she stood him up and broke his heart. In reality Bao Zhu was hit by a car and hospitalized. By the time she gets out and can function again he is no where to be found. 2 years later he transforms himself from a dork to a hunk to try and take revenge on her by making her fall in love with the new him and breaking her heart.

STARS: ***** (5/5)


I really really love this drama. The fact that Show Luo dressed up like an octopus ate his head cracks me up every time. They’re so cute with each other and their dance scenes are so funny. Everything is great in this drama. I was so excited in the beginning for this drama… sweating in the night because I needed another hit of an episode. I was hooked. And that’s what I love about it. You will get addicted. :)

我喜歡妳, 叫我驚世駭俗醜不拉嘰香菇頭 ..!我喜歡妳, 一天打我八白次.. 我喜歡妳唸英文的聲音.. 我喜歡妳, 喝醉酒要我背妳回家 .. 我喜歡妳上課愛睡覺但做報告卻很認真 .. 我喜歡妳, 跟我一樣喜歡粉紅頑皮豹但又知道他的好朋友是誰 .. 我喜歡妳, 妳明明不是我心目中喜歡的那樣的女生!可是, 我就喜歡妳 !
—  林達浪 (海派甜心)