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Yu Garden by mlisowsk


The Nine Lion Study by mlisowsk

Fan Xiaofeng as Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre, Shanghai Ballet Company, London, August 2013. © Zhao Lu.

De Bana does not give us a clear new view of Bertha, whether in fact she is mad or not, or just distraught, or where the root cause of her anguish lies. The choreography is emotional and yet somehow unspecific. It is performed with great commitment by the cast. Fan Xiaofeng as Bertha melts from one anguished stance to another.


Greg Girard (Canadian, b. 1955, Vancouver, BC, Canada, based Shanghai) - 1: House on Yuyuan Lu (#81 Yuyuan Lu), 2001  2: Lane off Nguyen Khuyen Street, 2009 from Hanoi Calling series  3: House on Zixia Lu, #14, 2005  4: Shops And Homes, Machang Lu & Liling Lu from Phantom Shanghai, 2003  5: Alley (Yangshuo Lu, Looking North) from Phantom Shanghai, 2006  6: Neighborhood Demolition, #41 Lane 590, Weihai Lu, 2005  7: Condemned Factory, Moganshan Lu, 2002, Phantom Shanghai  8: Neighborhood Demolition, Lane 195, Urumuqi Bei Lu, 2004  9: House on Huashan Lu, North View, Lane 322, Huashan Lu, 2005  10: Shanghai Falling (Fuxing Lu Demolition), 2002