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romulanxale  asked:

Did people live inside Chang'an's Eastern and Western Markets? Also, did anyone else remain inside once the gates closed or were the markets left completely empty at night?

This is how Chang’an looks like in Tang dynasty, the two red circles refer to west market(西市, Xishi) and east market(东市, Dongshi). No, people don’t live inside the two markets because the markets are like central business district in modern city such as Beijing or Shanghai. At noon, both markets open after several hundred drum beats; Before sunset, both markets close after several hundred drum beats. At evening every store must close and every customer must return home. If anyone were allowed to remain inside, that would be the night guards, they patrol around for prevention of danger like thief and fire. Although both markets and the 38 vertical&horizontal main streets are under a night time curfew, each 坊fang–the little square districts in the map–are allowed to continue doing business as long as they close the gate of fang and keep customers inside. It’s a really good question about ancient chinese history and culture, hope you won’t mind I publish it.

Homes aren’t the only thing being snapped up by developers and levelled. The Dongtai Antiques Market is a chaotic warren of individual street vendors with anything from old watches to Communist tchotchkes but it won’t exist for much longer. This gentleman was telling us that he’s being moved out to an antiques mall in a high-rise building. He doesn’t like the idea, though – the rent is much higher and the location is much less convenient.