shanghai incident


In the 1932 Battle of Shanghai (February 28th Incident), Japanese Army Engineers Takeji Eshita, Inosuke Sakue, and Yuzuru Kitagawa, all privates, died together, while trying to blow a Chinese barbed-wire lined field so that infantry could advance.

They were lacing the barbed-wire field with explosive charges, ahead of the infantry, when the enemy unexpectedly charged and overran their position, and so rather than being killed by the enemy, the 3 engineers detonated their charges, killing themselves and 34 Chinese soldiers.

The Japanese media immediately dubbed them heros, and word spread all throughout Japan. They were famously advertised as “Our Three Patriotic Martyrs.” Within weeks, they became the subject of countless songs, radio and stage plays, and even movies.

Edit to the Triwizard Reunion headcanon

Something I’d like to apologize for:

I realize that setting the “Thunderbird Joyride incident” around NYC, 2001, has some really nasty implications. 

Therefore I’d like to change something - said incident was in 2004. 2001 instead saw the “Water Dragon endlessly looping the loop while the Chinese Quidditch team breakdances on their brooms and Krum screams nonsense on top of a magical surfboard” incident in Shanghai. 

So it’s been brought to my attention that Tumblr user kineticpenguin, as well as many others, aren’t giving Tenryuu the respect she rightfully deserves, on the grounds that she’s a “harmless tryhard” and/or “chuuni loser”.

So, by request, I would like to take some time to explain why this is most definitely not the case, and learn y’all a thing or two about the light cruiser Tenryuu.

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