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Dr Zhou Yong Chang’s Obituary

Party member of the Chinese Communist Party, Pioneer amd Founder of China’s Ultrasonic Medicine field, Director of Shanghai Training Center for Ultrasound in Medicine, Honorary Director of Shanghai Research Laboratory of Ultrasonic Medicine, Honorary Director of Ultrasonic Medicine of The 6th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, Professor Emeritus, Recipient of Special Government Allowance of the State Council, Model Worker of Shanghai, comrade Zhou Yong Chang, passed away on October 17 at 8.50AM after failing to respond to the treatment received. He was 95.

From when I was little
I could only go back to my old house in Shanghai once every year during the summer holidays.
I still remember it’s already very late every day when grandfather comes back from the hospital after work.
After he comes back, he sees that I’m watching Journey to the West alone.
Although grandfather is already very exhausted, and he needs to work early in the morning, he would spend time and make a golden cudgel with newspaper to play with me.
The golden cudgel made out of newspaper is ultimately still made out of newspaper, it broke after using it to hit for a few times, so everyday he would make a few of those to let me play with them.

Grandfather was not just a dedicated doctor, professor.
He was also a loving good grandfather, good father and good husband.

Even when he was 93, he still woke up every morning and turned up for work at the hospital.
Because of you, I understood what’s perseverance,
And also because of you,
I understood the spirit of being able to go through whatever suffering,
For the sake of the things I like.
I’m very proud that I could be your grandson,
And I will forever remember the things that you taught me.

We’ll do our best to take care of grandmother.

At the same time, on behalf of our family, I would like to thank family and friends that were here today.
And also very thankful to all the leaders.
And also very thankful to all the medical staff that treated and took care of my grandfather.
And also very honoured and thankful to The People’s Republic of China’s former premier Zhu Rongji
And the current Central Political Bureau Standing Committee, Han Zheng for sending the memorial flower basket.

Dear grandfather, go well.
You will forever live in our hearts.
We’ll always miss you. We love you.

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There’s no Waffle House here in China.

Not an IHOP anywhere either.

What we do have is Mr Pancake, Shanghai’s premiere breakfast food chain!

I’d never been to one until yesterday, when some colleagues and I popped in after an early morning meeting. And ask expected, the menu was filled with all sorts of pancakes. Eggs and bacon and breakfast burritos too, but as the name makes clear, pancakes are the star here. Like this stack of sweetness…

Nutella and Caramel Popcorn Pancakes!

This was not my order, and I did not try them, but that plate was clean in no time!

I did have an order of plain pancakes with butter and syrup, and they were quite good. I’m not the biggest pancake eater, but the place definitely does its name proud.

However, is it just me or is that Mr. Pancake logo kind of creepy?

Mr. Pancake has locations all around Shanghai.


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World landmarks lit up to show solidarity with France, in honor of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015. #prayforparis