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World landmarks lit up to show solidarity with France, in honor of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015. #prayforparis


Greg Girard (Canadian, b. 1955, Vancouver, BC, Canada, based Shanghai) - 1: House on Yuyuan Lu (#81 Yuyuan Lu), 2001  2: Lane off Nguyen Khuyen Street, 2009 from Hanoi Calling series  3: House on Zixia Lu, #14, 2005  4: Shops And Homes, Machang Lu & Liling Lu from Phantom Shanghai, 2003  5: Alley (Yangshuo Lu, Looking North) from Phantom Shanghai, 2006  6: Neighborhood Demolition, #41 Lane 590, Weihai Lu, 2005  7: Condemned Factory, Moganshan Lu, 2002, Phantom Shanghai  8: Neighborhood Demolition, Lane 195, Urumuqi Bei Lu, 2004  9: House on Huashan Lu, North View, Lane 322, Huashan Lu, 2005  10: Shanghai Falling (Fuxing Lu Demolition), 2002



“Dear Insane Children,

“Are we there yet?!” Almost there! The animations are complete and the disc factory has been reserved. We’re just waiting on Ed to put finishing touches on the DVD/Blu-Ray menus. Don’t blame him for being slow - he has two good excuses for not yet finishing: First, he’s just moved house from Shanghai to New York (just in time for the 4th of July). More critically though, *I* screwed up and gave him an incomplete list of backer names for the credits! Oops :(

As soon as the menus and backer credits are done… off to the factory with the DVDs and Blu-Rays! (Hey, Ed… psst… hurry, the children are getting impatient!) ;) “

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-American McGee