shanghai film park

Shanghai Film Park, Shanghai - China. August 2012

This is where the Chinese film industry used to film local movies and tv series. The park is now still being used occasionally, even though most of it is slowly rotting away. 

A large part of the park is now opened to the public as touristic attraction. 

Submitted by cinnamonalla

Haven’t heard of this one before!  Thank you so much for submitting!

Shanghai in 30s

went to Shanghai film park early in the morning.

84 degree under the sun…

try to catch resource and idea for my thesis.

my old Shanghai in 30s.

totally love it!!!

concentrated only on taking pics and didn’t see whatz in front of me…

this happened…my poor toe nail…hurttttt!!!

and caught cold last nite.

not so lucky today… >   <

or…maybe coz i was wrong…