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Behind The Scenes 3 (4/???)

Author’s note: I know there is going to be a continuation to this part again but I don’t if i will have time to post it soon, but i will try to post it within this week. Sorry for any errors and if i am inaccurate about the setting of the city.. I hope you all like this part because this city was one of my favorites to write. 

Genre: Fluff? but like not really??? (Suga; Jungkook)

Word count:1912

City: Shanghai

Summary: It is pretty boring being stuck in the hotel room

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It was the 3rd day in Shanghai and you were barely getting used to the tour schedule. It took a while to get used to life on tour. All the time spent traveling and the time change weren’t much help. So far, China involved many hours of driving to many cities. Ever since the last day at Beijing, the excitement of the tour no longer affected you. Every hotel seemed to just be the same type of room over and over again. The only thing that was easy to deal with was living out of a suitcase, it wasn’t too different from living out of trash bags. For you, the new schedule involved sleeping, waking up, traveling, then waiting backstage as the guys did meet and greets and the concerts, then repeating the process.

The extra day at each city was meant for Rap monster to do his deals, this 3rd day was no different. V tagged along with Rap monster on his deal as was expected. Jin and Jimin were off spending their hours at the gym. Suga and Jhope were occupied in their room either sleeping or drunk/high. The only thing that was different about this day was that you and Jungkook decided to stay cooped up in the hotel room. Over the past weeks from city to city, pretending to be a couple was just getting exhausting for the both of you. The second the both of you stepped out of the hotel room, you both went into character, always paranoid of who could be watching. When out in public, there were times where you were bombarded with fans or people would secretly take pictures of all of you. For this day, staying in was just a better option.

In the hotel room, neither of you talked to one another. You each were on opposite sides of the room most of the day. He stayed on your side of the room while you were on V and Jimin’s side. You were each enjoying the two TVs.

Even though this was one of the few chances you had to watch TV, it was all in Chinese. After a few hours of trying to figure out storylines of TV shows, you decided it would be more fun to read one of the books you brought.

You made your way to your bed to get to your suitcase. Jungkook looked relaxed laying down in the bed watching some action movie as he ate some of the left over candy you all bought back in Beijing. A fight scene came on and you were soon sucked into the movie. “Can I watch the movie with you?” you asked.

He patted the empty spot next to him, his attention was too stuck on the movie to speak.

You crawled in bed next to him and enjoyed the rest of the film.

“Even though I had no idea what they were saying, it was still a super good movie.” You commented when the ending credits appeared.

“Yeah… but now I’m bored.” He whined.

“Me too.”

Jungkook turned to you with that signature fuckboy look of his. “Well, there is something we can do…”

You gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked, “Like what?”

“We could have some fun if you know what I mean.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Fuck no!”

“Ha! I knew it!” he got up from the bed.  “It was worth a shot though. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to have some fun by myself in the shower.” He grabbed a towel from his suit case and locked himself in the bathroom.

You tried to give the next movie that came on a chance, but isn’t wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door. You went over and looked through the peephole. Suga was standing on the other side waiting for the door to open. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw it was him. It looked like he had barely woken up because parts of his hair were still sticking out. It only made him look cuter. You quickly opened the door to let him in.

“Hey.” He said as he walked past you.

“What’s up?”

He casually walked around the room, taking a look at everything. “Eh, nothing really, I was just bored.”

You went across the room and sat on the edge of the bed you and Jungkook shared. “Me too.”

From the bathroom, you could hear the shower being turned on.

“So that’s where he was.” Suga mumbled. He walked over to you and sat next to you on the bed. He sat really close to you, your shoulders were touching, but neither of you moved away from each other. “What have you done all day?” he asked.

“Nothing, just watch TV.”

“Cool, I barely woke up.” He smiled.

“So you woke up and thought “Oh, let me just go annoy y/n!”?” you asked jokingly.

“Yeah! That’s exactly what I thought!” He laughed.

“Well it’s good to know that I am the first thing on your mind.” You mumbled.

“Oddly enough, you are the last thing I think about before I go to sleep too!” He laughed some more.

Your heart skipped a beat. You wished he meant what he said, but as his laugh implied, he was just joking. Part of you wanted to finally confront him about the kiss, but the other half remembered Aiko, so you just kept your mouth shut. “Aiko is probably the last thing he thinks about at the end of the day.” You thought. You flopped back on the bed filled with despair and let out a long sigh.

Suga flopped down next to you, mimicking you with a loud dramatic sigh.

You stole a quick side glance at him, but didn’t say anything.

“So… You and Jungkook really share the bed?”


“Don’t you feel weird though?”

“Um, yeah, a bit, but we sleep with a sheet separating us so…”

“Still weird.”

“Well I guess… I don’t know. If I don’t think about it, I don’t get too weird about it. I try to see it like when you and I shared your bed a few times. You get me?”

He propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at you. “Yeah but that is different. We are actually friends, so that’s not weird.”

“Well, it’s kinda weird because we are friends…” you said looking away from him.


“Well, like, you and me… If you think about it, its weird cuz, like, that’s something that, um, that like friends don’t do… It’s something um, only people more than- ummm nevermind.”

“What are you getting at?”


“Oh c’mon! I know you want to tell me something!” He said leaning closer to you.

Every part of you wanted to pull him to you and just kiss him, you just wanted him to know how you felt. Instead, you pushed him off you. “I said its nothing! Now stop breathing my air!” you made sure to laugh so he wouldn’t think twice about how you were acting.

He laughed at your antics and lay back down. “… So… do you wanna get out of here? We can go to the beach that’s nearby.” He suggested in his usual lazy tone.

You sat up in disbelief. “You, Min Yoongi, want to go out?!?”

“Yeah sorta.”

“Who are you and what have you done to the real Min Yoongi?!?”

“Ha! I’m serious!”


He sat up too. “I don’t know, just cuz. It’s better than you moping around this hotel room. We’ve been to Xi’an, Chengdu, and Chongqing and you mostly been in the hotel, backstage or in the van! Now me, I’m tired as fuck… but you should try to get as much enjoyment as you can… considering the circumstances…”

“… Nu-uh, we all went out for the monster’s birthday back in Chengdu!”

“That doesn’t count! We were all forced to do that. I’m saying we go out for your enjoyment!”

               You looked up at him doubtfully. Rap monster’s words back at Beijing ran through your head.

“Now let’s go! You know me, this side of me only comes out once in a hundred years, so take this chance while you got it!”

“But what about the monster? He’ll be mad.”

“He left Jin here with us like some damn children, but fucking Jin is off doing his own shit! We can do our own shit too! Besides, you won’t be alone, you’ll be with me.”

Now that he said that, what Jungkook told you at the candy store popped into your head. “Fine… but Jungkook has to come too.”

Suga’s face cringed. “Why?”

“Cuz he’s my “boyfriend”. It’s just better if I’m seen out with him all the time.” you explained.

“Ah fine.” He whined. “You get ready. I’m going to get my camera.” He said as he let himself out of the room.

After Jungkook came out of the bathroom, you updated him on the new plans. It took a bit of convincing, but he eventually agreed. Then , you went to the bathroom to get ready.


Suga went back to his room, grabbing his camera and a pair of sunglasses. Before leaving back to y/n’s room, he did one last check on Jhope and took one last check on himself in the mirror. He decided to change into a nicer shirt and fixed his hair. He couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed that he looked so messy in front of y/n.

He knocked on her door expecting her to open it, but instead he was greeted by the maknae. By the looks of his outfit, y/n already told him about their plans. To avoid conversation, he swiftly walked in and went straight to the window.

Jungkook came up next to him and stared out on Shanghai as well. “So it was your idea to go to the beach?” He asked.


“Hm, very unlike you.”


“Nothing, just taking notice.” He said slyly

Suga looked over at the tall boy. “Get to the fucking point, I know there is something you are implying.”

“Ah, you know, I just find it a bit funny that you’re doing something so… out of character. Especially when it’s obvious you’re still hungover.”

“Well, it’s for y/n’s sake, not mine.” He said looking back out the window.

“You wanna fuck her, don’t you?” Jungkook teased.

“Now why would you ask a stupid question like that?” He maintained his monotone as to not raise any of Jungkook’s suspicions.

“Cuz it’s a stupidly smart question!”

Suga tried to ignore him, but it didn’t work. The damn maknae pulled out the annoying side of his personality. “You wanna fuck her, you wanna fuck her!” Jungkook sang as he danced around him

The maknae was really getting on his nerves “Ya! I don’t like her like that!” He said sternly.

“Damn bro! I see right through you.” Jungkook laughed as he forcefully patted his hyung’s back. “Too bad she’s taken.” He said jokingly. “Don’t worry I give you permission. You need pussy, I can tell.”

“How many times do I have to fucking tell-“  he heard the bathroom door open and quickly stopped talking.

Y/n looked really cute as she stepped out in a casual outfit and her hair pinned up. The only down side was that she was dressed almost identical to the piece of shit standing next to him.

Passenger Seat 2/2 - twoshot

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Part 2 of 2
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Forty-five minutes later, Chanyeol was bored out of his mind. Blasting music through earbuds wasn’t enough to calm his terrible restlessness, and his waiting around, glimpsing at Baekhyun every moment he could manage wasn’t permitting sleep, whether or not it was three in the morning.

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