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Previously unpublished shot of the airfield in Shanghai, where based mixed 12 kokutai Japanese naval aviation. In the foreground are two of the newest at the time of the dive bomber D3A. On the left a prototype carrier-based scout С3N right fighter A5M. On the left in the case - not seen, Apparently also purely secret Val. Behind him a tail sticking out of the sea version of Babs spy C5M. In the background are rows of older D1A2 dive-bombers.


【BATMAN OF SHANGHAI-Golden Age vol.1】

Hey guys!

Not sure if you have seen the animation short BATMAN OF SHANGHAI from Wolf Smoke studio?

It’s a pity that we didn’t have chance from WB to make more of it. But as the script writer, I do have a big story to tell. But with the short which has only a few minutes, I didn’t have space to do it.

That’s why I did this comic. Although I can only produce it as a FAN ART, hope you will like it!

The story I work on is based on Shanghai of 1930′s. It’s about the anger and fear, hate and love between Catwoman and Batman. It might have a very different story line from the official story.

If you like it, please support me with comment and reblog, and I’ll try hard to finish the story. And in future I might do stories about Joker and Nightwing.


Forgive my poor English…

And thanks KAI for the editing!


Hey guys!

 It’s been a long time! Hope everyone is doing well!

 We have been busy working on new and exciting projects that may be released at the end of this year! We hope you guys are as excited as us to see the final results! We also have not been doing a great job of keeping this tumblr active, but we are about to change that! Even though we have a lot of new work to show, we will start off with some #ThrowbackThursdays!

 Here are a few images from “Shanghai Batman”. We based a lot of these locations off of the older versions of Shanghai! Also, two versions of Batman and Bruce in his normal wear! Hope you guys enjoy it! If you want to see more, like and reblog! We will post more if you show us some love ;)!


All artwork is copyrighted by and owned Warner Brothers.

ahem ok i said 10 notes but i actually rly like my writing so chapter 1 of my book (”Parasite” altho thts a working title tbh)

little bit of background, i’m calling it an anti-romance rn tbh bc it takes romance tropes and then goes “fuck u” n is basically a call out for abusive actions tht rnt always seen as abusive ft. flower meanings, magic and stuff

um also it’s based in shanghai, which is where i grew up, so. if any references go over people’s heads, pls pls pLS dont hesitate to ask about them!! i’ll edit those in later if needed, and i’m 110% open to any criticism

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Piano

2.3k words, G rated 

This was written on an overnight train from Beijing to Shanghai, based on a prompt from @singing-fangirl. Albus visits Malfoy Manor for the first time and discovers that Scorpius is a pretty decent piano player. 

Thanks to @bounding-heart for betaing, as always. 

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Greg Girard (Canadian, b. 1955, Vancouver, BC, Canada, based Shanghai) - 1: House on Yuyuan Lu (#81 Yuyuan Lu), 2001  2: Lane off Nguyen Khuyen Street, 2009 from Hanoi Calling series  3: House on Zixia Lu, #14, 2005  4: Shops And Homes, Machang Lu & Liling Lu from Phantom Shanghai, 2003  5: Alley (Yangshuo Lu, Looking North) from Phantom Shanghai, 2006  6: Neighborhood Demolition, #41 Lane 590, Weihai Lu, 2005  7: Condemned Factory, Moganshan Lu, 2002, Phantom Shanghai  8: Neighborhood Demolition, Lane 195, Urumuqi Bei Lu, 2004  9: House on Huashan Lu, North View, Lane 322, Huashan Lu, 2005  10: Shanghai Falling (Fuxing Lu Demolition), 2002