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If you find yourself visiting Avatar Land at Animal Kingdom in the near future and you are thicker than most please please please make sure to try out the test vehicle for flight of passage! Which is located in front of the ride’s queue! This is by far the most difficult squeeze for an attraction at Disney World or Disneyland to get into so do not go in under the assumption that because you fit on everything else you shall fit here! 

This is the test vehicle ^ When sitting in it make sure you have the cast member at the station check to see if the bar does indeed hit the green zone! If it does then you are good to ride if not I am afraid the attraction is out of the question for now. As for my opinion on this I think it’s incredibly stupid design wise in the year of 2017 and for an attraction located in America to have seats designs from a shanghai attraction.  But oversight aside I am hearing that there is a big consideration after some backlash to make adjustments to the seat and the locks sometime in the near future with a possible quick 1/3 day refurb to change the old seats out in favor of larger ones. Whether that occurs we shall see but for now please make use of the testing vehicle before queuing! 


Tron Cycles Coming to WDW’s Tomorrowland by 2021

The Disney Blog reports: “Tron – our highest-rated attraction at Shanghai Disneyland – is coming to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida! 

“The new Tron attraction will sit in an entirely new area right next to the Space Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom Park. 

“[T]he TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction at Shanghai Disneyland is a coaster-style attraction where riders board a train of two-wheeled Lightcycles. It offers access into the energy, lights and excitement of TRON’s high-tech universe and is one of the most thrilling adventures at any Disney park.

“The plan is to open the Tron attraction in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021.”

My opinion? Let’s do it!

While Tron is hardly the company’s most popular or beloved franchise, neither is Song of the South – and that’s doesn’t diminish my love for Splash Mountain one bit. Also, I kinda like the extended space-age skyline that this will give to Tomorrowland. Plus, from the looks of the concept art, THE PEOPLEMOVER AIN’T GOIN’ ANYWHERE!!!


Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky.🌞✨🌛Saying goodbye the Fantasyland Skyway Chalet today, one of my favorite hidden gems in all of Disneyland. Of course I had to make a last minute dress to celebrate it’s existence before the demolition.💔

Tron Lightcycle E-Ticket headed to the magic kingdom sometime between now and 2021! This will be a clone of the Shanghai attraction with possible alterations? Time will tell still though very exciting!!!


A clip of the Snow White attraction walk through. As I suspected not an animatronic but a freaking hologram. Mind you this is but one part of the walkthrough attraction.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle For The Sunken Treasure at Shanghai Disneyland, full attraction in HD.

This is what I have been waiting for - the use of giant screens a sticking point for me (see Ratatouille in Paris, or Iron Reef for negative examples), but this seems like there is no way to achieve the desired effect without them in the large scenes and if lighting done correctly and lower edges hidden by water, it could be very successful indeed in person. Count me impressed. The other uses are of course reminiscent of the Harry Potter attractions, minus the physical sets the filmed characters are in.

However, the real show-stopper effect for me may well be a call-back to a decades old Marc Davis gag that never got used in Florida: the transformation of a static skeleton figure into a flesh and blood pirate via lighting effects that would start the ride. This is par for the course from the movies as well naturally, but the staging of the effect of the skeleton in what is plainly an homage to the ‘shipwreck cove’ scene in Anaheim’s attraction settles it firmly in being a historic nod as well, and the moment when the bony corpse slumped over the wheel turns into Jack Sparrow with a crack of lightning is a thrilling one both techwise and on a story level, subverting expectations of what you are seeing based on the previous skeletal vignettes. The ‘pirate court’ scene with the skeletons also calls to mind Davis sketches, to me, though doubtless the clothes of the individual characters are straight from the films -

All in all, this attraction looks superlative for what it is and I hope the rest of elements to be revealed from Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates Cove and the giant crocodile monster water ride match this in quality of design and detail.

[ENG TRANS] Feng Huang Fashion News: Wu Yifan the first star who was born after 1990 to have his figure in Madame Tussauds
Shanghai Madame Tussauds welcomes Wu Yifan (Kris), the newly rising star in China, as its new member today. Many famous celebrities have their figures in Madame Tussauds. The team from London has descended on Shanghai to make the measurement. The figure will be unveiled next year, which will make Wu Yifan the first star who was born after 1990 to have his figure in Madame Tussauds.

The Madame Tussauds enjoying a long history of nearly two centuries boasts the top workmanship and level in making wax figures over the world. When selecting the celebrities  to make a wax figure for ,it not only focuses on those outstanding persons in various fields but also pay much attention to the choices of the public for it strives to accommodate tourists’ wishes to see their own idols. Wu Yifan, born in 1990, have enjoyed inexplicable popularity when he served as the leader of the super boy group EXO-M in South Korea. And it turns that he has been greeted with much more applauds after he went to China. He has posted 32 microblogs and had nearly 5 million followers; one of his microblog was even posted by over 10 million people; his new song Somewhere Only We Know was downloaded by over 10 million people in 57 minutes, which refreshed the record on the internet; the number of people who watched the birthday party live online exceeded 1.41million and that resulted in the network paralysis. In the month back to China,  he joined Xu Jinglei in the new film she was going to direct in which he payed as the leading actor. Afterwards, he also stared in Lao Pao, the new film directed by Gun Hu along with Feng Xiaogang, which has attracted close attention from many people. So far, Wu’s acting career has flourished in an all-round way. As a public figure having a strong calling among young people, Wu Yifan has showed positive energy and participated in philanthropic projects in person.Thanks to his influence, his fans have spared no efforts in contributing their shares in programs for public good. It is in this way that Madame Tussauds Shanghai has been attracted and thus Wu Yifan has become the first of Post-90s generation in show business to have his own wax figure. In the time when fans have big saying, to be young is to have capital and Wu Yifan has proved to us his unshakable leading position among the emerging post-90s generation in the show business.

This time, the production team made a special trip to Shanghai from Britain and made a measurement for Wu Yifan for as long as two hours, in order to make a lifelike wax figure and restore WYF’s handsomeness as a new generation of Mr Perfect. The tailor team carefully and accurately measure WYF with a ruler from head to toe, even including the width of the bones, muscles and many other details. In addition, WYF's hair color, skin color and the color of pupil are measured by a professional team to obtain accurate data by comparing color swatches. The tailor team took nearly a hundred photos of WYF from different angles and completed in total the collection and color matching of more than 200 data, striving to demonstrate vividly WYF’s appearance and manner in front of the public.The wax sculptors will first make a pottery figure according to the precisely measured numbers in 6 to 8 weeks and then work out a plaster mould. The waxwork is done when the wax is poured into the mould. However, a complete wax figure sculpture requires sculptors to conduct more refinement, including the implantation of hair, tinting the face and the shape of the "body", which takes 8~12 weeks. All the process are performed in Madame Tussaid's workshop, located in London with a history of 100 years. The wax sculpture will travel to Shanghai upon completion. Before revealed, Madame Tussaud's Shanghai Museum together with Wu YIfan will take close look at the sculpture and ensure the details are well taken care of so to be ready for exhibition.

Translated by: Kris  Kingdom


It’s 9:30 on a Thursday night and Chinese and foreign jazz fans descend on the JZ Club in Shanghai’s former French Concession. Glasses clink and the splashing sound of cymbals ripple through a cabaret setting bathed in soft red light.

Andrew Field, an American historian, says clubs like JZ represent a return to Shanghai’s cosmopolitan past.

“You will see Chinese musicians playing with Western musicians or African musicians,” says Field, who works at nearby Duke Kunshan University. “Jazz really became the soundtrack of the modern city, not just in Shanghai, but worldwide in the ‘20s and '30s. It was the musical language of the city. It was about speed.”

'Shanghai Nightscapes’: Dancing, Drinking And All That Jazz

Photos: Frank Langfitt/NPR, JZ Club and Courtesy of Andrew Field


Full Snow White Walkthrough at Disneyland Shanghai. I want more attractions like this stateside, I feel they create a kinetic component that makes a land all the more believable.