shanes eviction

~~Fave Moment from Every Season~~

BB1: Nothing.. That season was so fucking boring
BB2: Shannon cleaning the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush
BB3: Marcellas not using the veto and getting evicted
BB4: Allison Irwin
BB5: Drew cutting Diane
BB6: Janelle winning DE after Kaysar eviction
BB7: Janelle cutting Will
BB8: Dick fight with Jen
BB9: Amanda and Allison in medical…that’s it
BB10: Keesha’s Birthday
BB11: Chima’s Expulsion…. But I <3 chima
BB12: Kathy stuck in caramel or Ragan vs Rachel
BB13: Rachel following Dani after Brendon eviction
BB14: Dan evicting Shane in F4
BB15: Andy getting Mccrae to evict Elissa
BB16: Frankie’s face when he lost AFP
BB17: Austin’s Blindside
BB18: James’s face when he lost AFP to Natalie

anonymous asked:

People saying ikas flaw was not winning comps but the fact that she came this far almost winning with no comps is what makes her so legendary imo. I'm proud

Tea! social/strategic games are more interesting to watch than comp beast games imo. To get someone to make a decision that isn’t in their best interest is impressive (Sindy nominating Neda, William nominating Demily, Karen/Dillon evicting Jackie). People always talk about Dan’s funeral/Dan evicting Shane because it was that amazing but I doubt anyone can name off the top of their head each comp Rachel or Janelle won.

Everyone is literally crying and Scott is standing there with a fucking grin. Neeley is crying more than Danielle because emotions were THAT high while evicting Shane, and Scott has the biggest fucking smile. I’m gonna say it for the 100th time; Nominate Scott next week. Please.

I’d have more respect for production if they rigged the game by coaching Alex. Let her get herself out of danger if she’s that good of a player. Dan’s funeral, Dan getting Danielle to use the power of veto on him and being the sole vote to evict Shane, Michelle telling Polly with or without him she had the votes to keep Tiffany, Danielle flipping Shane against Cornbread, those are exciting moments for fans to watch. Big moves and strategies are entertaining, handing HG freebies and trying to convince the HoH to protect productions favorites are not.

Danielle the game player is a fucking queen!!! Too bad her alliance members aren’t as smart. If Alex wasn’t with the plastic, I’d want an Alex and Danielle alliance. 

Danielle threw out the idea of Jason, Kryssie and Justin voting to evict her along with America and the plastics voting to evict Shane. Scott would be the tie breaker and she knows Scott wants Shane, someone he nominated, out over her. Good thing the plastics are already doing it.