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Just a few of Shane’s tweets after he’d heard about the “Shane Dawson is Racist” movement sweeping the internet.

Other tweets he just posted say he owes all PoC a “long overdue apology” and how he agrees “it’s my [his] fault” that people view him as racist. He says he doesn’t deserve any of his viewers/nonviewers to watch his videos after everything he’s put an entire community through.

I’m not justifying ANY of what he did, because every last bit of it was 100% wrong, offensive and mind-bogglingly un-okay. I can’t stress this enough: I am NOT justifying his actions. They were incorrect in all senses of the word.

HOWEVER, I’m happy that he’s now acknowledging that bits of his “comedy” have genuinely hurt and alienated a lot of people.

Perhaps it’s my naivety talking, but to me, it doesn’t seem like he’s apologizing for attention. It seems as though he was previously ignorant to how offensive some of his actions were and is now realizing how terrible the things he has done are.

I’m glad he’s accepting responsibility for his actions.


The Vacation Song♥


Alright, so the deadline of the project is nearing, but since I have only gotten 5 entries, THE DEADLINE IS BEING EXTENDED TO JULY 18th. You get three extra days if you need it.

Since I have only gotten 1 video, and the rest pictures, I am going to stop taking pictures and letters. I don’t want the video to get boring with too many pictures and letters. If you would like to send in a video, here are the requirements:

  • Has to be 20-30 seconds long. No shorter, no longer. (Give or take 5 seconds)
  • Has to include some kind of birthday message for Shane (That IS the whole point ya know)
  • DO NOT ADD MUSIC TO YOUR VIDEO. It needs to be unedited, no music, no nothing. 

Just a reminder that it doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s not your job to worry if it’s perfect or not. That’s my job. There’s no need to record it 6 or 7 times. My job is to worry about getting everything right, adding music, etc. Your video doesn’t need to be shot on a high quality camera. You can use your phone, webcam, anything you can get your hands on will be fine. As long as you can get your point across.

The videos will need to be sent to or my submit box. If you are having trouble with either, please PLEASE tell me. My ask is open. I will do everything I can to fix it. 

Please please please spread this around to everyone. I have been working my ass off to get this around, but no one is really seeing it. I really need your help to make this special for Shane. 

TL;DR: Read bold