Directing comes closer than anything I’ve found yet to providing me with a good reason to get up in the morning that goes beyond just getting some money. Because all the money does is buy the bed. Getting out of it is the problem.
—  Shane Black
I walked through the fear. You can walk through anything. That’s the fabulous truth that I’ve discovered, is that fear never goes away. But it doesn’t top you from putting one foot in front of the other. And, the most important realization of all, it can’t stop you from being creative. It can impede you, but it will not stop you from having great ideas. Fear will do everything except shut you down, mentally. It can’t do that.
—  Shane Black

He’ll be back … the Predator, that is

GREAT news for Predator fans … 20th Century Fox has signed on Iron Man 3 director Shane Black to write the story for and direct Predator reboot.

Sadly, no news of whether Arnie will be making a cameo in the original 1987 movie (did you know Jean-Claude Van Damme almost played the Predator but quit the role?). But you can relieve the arguably best Predator with these classic GIFs and memes.
- Charles Purcell