Thar's dunben a new artikle rote ahn

Thar’s dunben a new artikle calt Miami Heat Roster Will Take Time to Develop rote ahn

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Miami Heat Roster Will Take Time to Develop


!– if'n (winder.cpc != true) jkwery.git(“″, ); — By Shane Phillips @ShaneRantSperts un Decemb'r 5, 2014 Gettee Images T’ Miami Heat air fur frum t'3-0 start ta t'NBA seesen at capturet sum t…

California High Speed Rail Could Earn the State Over $40 Billion in Profit

Great post from @shanedphillips on #CAHSR: the state could earn over $40 billion through its high-speed rail program

Earlier this year I argued that the up-front cost of local transportation projects, like light rail and bus rapid transit, aren’t really comparableto the cost of California’s high speed rail system. While all of these investments are fighting for the same dollars to some degree, their long-term balance sheets look very different: Local transit typically requires a persistent operating subsidy,…

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