San Francisco Giants v. Arizona Diamondbacks 9/4/12 (Part Two of Two)

I loved that we went to this game on a whim. I found dirt cheap tickets on StubHub in the afternoon and they ended up being the best seats we had EVER (Section 128, row 3)  - so awesome! It was also the latest I’ve stayed at the yard. Lots of bullpen activity in this extra inning game so plenty of opportunities for pictures. It was heartbreaking that the Giants lost but it was still one of the most exciting games I’ve been to this year. I was glad to especially witness Brandon Belt’s splash hit! The scent of the postseason was definitely in the air even though the game didn’t end the way we wanted it to. Gotta love September baseball!

The fact that I got to watch the walk-off win the day before from the gate near Triples Alley made it more bearable too. ;)

As always, please check out my sister’s pictures from the same game. These in particular are pretty exceptional!


San Francisco Giants v. Arizona Diamondbacks 5/29/12 (Part Two of Two)

My sister and I recently bought a new point-and-shoot camera to use at venues that don’t allow SLRs, so we took it out for a test spin at AT&T Park yesterday. :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have good control on it for my first time, but I’m posting the best pics I took and could edit well anyway, haha. You should really check out my sister’s pictures though. They’re legit.