Things I need to know

- Who killed Jenny?
- Did she kill herself?
- Was anyone arrested/investigated?
- Did Bette and Tina ever move to NY?
- Did they adopt another baby?
- Did Max keep his baby?
- Did Max choose to have a c-section so he didn’t have to use his girly parts?
- What happened between Tasha and Alice? Did they make it?
- Did Shane explain to Molly that she never got her letter?
- Could Helena ever trust Dylan?
- Did Kit stay with Sonny?

some queer parallels

first i present the unholy trinity:

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followed by the hot but problematic faves:

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and finally, the perfect cinnamon rolls, too good, too pure for this world:

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I hate it when people say that Shane and Jenny shouldn’t have happened. It made so much sense. I don’t understand why everyone hates Jenny either. Yeah she’s psycotic and a bitch but if she wasn’t the show would be fucking boring? The whole show began with her and it ended with her, and that was the whole point. Same with Shane. Yeah she isn’t faithful ect but if she wasn’t then all of the new characters would never have come into the show, including Carmen. Shane and Jenny were literally best friends from the beginning and they never fucked each other over once, so it makes perfect sense that they ended up falling for each other. Shhh.