One of the biggest tells that The Academy doesn’t respect animation is that “Animation” is considered a genre unto itself.

Animation is so much broader than a single genre:

You’ve got Westerns

You’ve got Action/Horror

You’ve got Murder Mysteries (or whatever the heck this show was…don’t look into it if you’re faint of heart, believe me. There’s animal death.)

Then there’s your crime dramadies/buddy films

And a LOT of Social Commentary

There’s Zombie Movies

Super Hero flicks

And of course, there’sChicken Run

PLUS the post that inspired this, going over all the great genres JUST IN DISNEY FILMS

Conclusion: Animation is a different medium, not a genre.

Do not use, copy, edit, or repost without my express permission. Not for use in ANY roleplays.

I don’t normally post my fan-art here but I spent three days working on this damn thing and I like the outcome enough that I’m posting it. :|

Here is a link over to where I posted it on dA, just for the hell of it.


I get the impression that 6 stays in his corner, a lot. Sometimes, or rather, quite frequently, it can be very dark. He has one candle back there based on what I can see in screenshots, and candles only provide so much light, especially in the clock tower. I tried to capture that, and I also tried to capture the height of his space and the scale of the wall-drawings space. As well as a sort of dark, unsure atmosphere that seems to go hand-in-hand with 6. What is he looking at with such a nervous expression? You figure it out. c:

And here is the part where I ramble a bit about the background / composition.

If you look at 6’s wall of drawings there are quite a few different drawings of “the Source” in addition to the one that appears to be a diagram of the front of the talisman / the illustration from the alchemy book the twins found. It’s kinda fun trying to figure out what angles he was trying to pull off in some of them. And one or two of them even looked like the talisman in the act of extending those green energy-tendrils, interestingly. But that’s just my own interpretation.

That candle’s as good as it’s going to get. I don’t mind the flame as much - in fact I rather like how it came out - but the candle itself is skldfjslfjs. I am done fucking around with it.

In addition to being a sort of lighting challenge, I also tried a slightly different perspective than what I usually work with. Not sure if I managed to pull either of them off.


*~9 Art Book Giveaway!*~

Exactly five years ago, this movie came out and sparked amazing things. Creativity was filled within the minds of all, long lasting friendships were made, love was found, great times seemed endless, and we formed a fandom that remains a family to this day. To celebrate our fifth anniversary, I’m hosting a giveaway for a copy of the art book! 


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That should do it! But first, a moment of thanks. Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for all the kindness. Thank you for taking part in making this one of the best fandoms ever. I’m so proud of you all.

With that being said, let’s begin! Good luck to all!

Okay, so question one: does anyone even remember this movie? Because I thought it was great.

Question two: did anybody else see 3 and 4 as genderless? Because at no point in the movie - and as far as I can tell, the whole film production - does anybody ever refer to the twins with a gender. I’ve seen fanfics where people will try to assign one or the other (both boys, both girls, one is male and one female) and I dunno, none of them ever sat right with me. These are the first and only characters I think I’ve ever seen that I feel are just completely genderless. How cool is that?

And that’s not even half the reason I think these two are the most intriguing characters in the movie. They’re completely mute but they can communicate almost instantaneously with each other using eye clicks. They seem to communicate with others just fine using pointing and simple gestures, and 4 (at least) can project images and movies onto the wall.

They have an entire library in their heads. They are the last living retainers of human knowledge. They catalog and remember everything they see. Everything. They also watched 5 get soul-murdered in front of them and they will never un-see that.

They’re also super curious and adorable as hell.