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Shane & Shane - The One You Need

Get Up And Walk
  • Get Up And Walk
  • Bethany Dillon
  • Stop & Listen

Who: Bethany Dillon

Song: Get Up And Walk

For Fans Of: The Civil Wars, Adie, Shane & Shane, Abandon Kansas

Written By - Montana

Why You’ll Love This: Life experiences and her characteristic scripture base accentuate Bethany Dillon’s confessional album Stop & Listen, another noteworthy effort by the acoustic pop artist. Since 2008’s, Dillon wed Shane Barnard of worship duo Shane & Shane, and found herself illuminating a new chapter as an artist. More than ever before, her lyrics speak of taking in the moments of life and acknowledging her faults in that effort.

Her music has the songstress planting herself firmly within her musical comfort zone, penning track after track of introspection that continues to impress in its wisdom. And while she still commands that space, her conscious decision to remain on the lighter side of things yet again may satisfy some, while leaving other fans slightly deterred at the lack of more risk-taking or alteration in her sound. That said, Dillon is a master of her folk-pop sound and utilizes it well to convey powerful faith-based messages on every beat she records

“Get Up And Walk,” is a careful, heartfelt collection of sweet melodies and worshipful lyrics that chronicle her spiritual growth. She doesn’t take as many chances with melody and instrumentation as she did with her first and second albums, which lands this album squarely in safe, adult contemporary territory. But if the listener isn’t expecting to hear something ground breaking, her music is very wonderful to listen to. She is thoughtful, depth-filled, an a true joy to listen to. I hope you feel the same. 

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  • Yearn
  • Shane & Shane

Yearn by Shane & Shane.

I had never heard this song until a wedding I attended this past Friday. It’s not very similar to the music I listen to, but the Lord has been breaking “genre barriers” in my life and throwing me into states of worship in all different types of music. It’s cool to say the least.


Shane & Shane - Heaven Fall Down (with Phil Wickham)

I Miss You
  • I Miss You
  • Shane & Shane
  • Upstairs

I Miss You

By: Shane & Shane

Put down your paper plate,

Come to the table made,

Deep blue china,

Found on the table by the wine, 

So fine,

It brings out flavor, like You bring out color in life

We’ve been invited into something so wonderful and so amazing. We satisfy ourselves with bland, temporary flavors in this life while God beckons us to join Him at the table and share with us such a bold, amazing flavor that it blows our minds and makes whatever flavor we had before taste like trash.

So will I sit on the ground with my paper plate, eating dirt and trash, or will I join Him at the banquet He has prepared for His Son?