Relax guys, they can’t get away with this shit, otherwise, bye Pewds, Mark, Jack, Ken, Cry, H2O Delirious, Vanoss, Dan (just Dan not Phil), Shane, Tyler Oakley, Joey, basically every good Youtuber. There will be a huge uproar, so don’t worry… 

Reblog if you disagree with the new Youtube guidelines, just so I can prove this.

Oh, also every Panic! video would be taken away, I guess… if the rules also apply to music videos… PORNO MIME!!!

Is anybody else really scared for the day that Youtubers get too old to create silly content anymore. The day when Dan and Phil decide that they don’t want to be drawing cat whiskers on their faces at age 47 and act out chip and salsa fanfic. The day when Hannah decides she is too old to be getting drunk every week. When Grace realizes she can’t keep up with all the new trends. When Mamrie realized she doesn’t want to be know for making innuendos. The day when Shane can’t eat anymore terrible food because it’s starting to affect his health. I’m terrified for the day when youtubers start telling their viewers that this is their last video. I’m scared because I know it’s bound to happen. Although they will continue living and going through their own lives, it will be like losing a friend that I’ve spent years getting to know. I think of these youtubers as my friends, my crazy sisters, brothers, aunts, etc etc. and knowing that I will never get more videos of them will break my heart. They were the first generation of people on YouTube, when it was just an outlet for people to create whatever they wanted. And although there will continue to be new Youtubers, nobody will ever compare to this first group of people that legitimized the YouTube platform.

Year: 2045

Me: Hey sweetie! how was school?

Child: Great! We are doing this really cool study about early social media! I was assigned to YouTube! Remember it?

Me: *stares into camera like its the office*

Guys with the marina joyce situation, its good that we’re trying to make awareness on what could be happening to her but we NEED to be more careful on HOW we do it. Unless the person behind it is living under a rock, there is a HUGE chance that they’ll be reading the comments and posts about it with people worrying about her.
There could be a reason why marinas telling people that shes ok. Maybe us exposing her subtle warnings are putting her in a more dangerous situation. Exposing the little signs like ‘she said help me’ could be exposing HER to the GUY.
I think awareness is really REALLY good but we need to think more of the position shes in and WHO we’re making aware.
So if you are bringing attention to things be careful where you’re posting it (not in the youtube comments where anyone can read it )
Idk guys sorry we just gotta be careful