For the record

The thing(s) that happened on TWD are WHY I watch TWD. Negan’s terrifying display of dominance over the group was disturbing and viscerally raw. It made me physically uncomfortable. He broke Rick (and the audience) down mentally and physically and it was incredibly difficult to witness. That discomfort and brutality are why I fell in love with the show in season one. Yes, it takes place during a zombie apocalypse, but there it’s not a drama about zombies. It’s about the characters, both good and bad. The zombies are set pieces.
TWD explores humanity and how people may be affected in a zombie apocalypse. If you have a problem with the fact it’s not “about zombies anymore”…it never was. For years, we have watched these characters morph as a result of their experiences. We’ve seen glimpses of who they were before the world ended and they’re almost all completely different people.
If you found those deaths “too graphic”… how was that anymore graphic than Noah’s face being torn apart? (which character witnessed that?) How did you not expect that level of violence after seeing those polaroids in Negan’s bunker the group raided? (and which character found said pictures?) I’m just sayin. That was sad as hell but the fact that a FICTIONAL TV SHOW can be so jarring, is in itself a reason to watch.

Current Favorite SmackDown Superstars!

1. Dean Ambrose

2. SmackDown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch

3. John Cena

4. WWE Champion, AJ Styles

5. Alexa Bliss

6. Randy Orton

7. Daniel Bryan (Yes, I know he’s GM, but he’s one of the best GM’s either RAW or SmackDown have had in years.)

8. Naomi

9. American Alpha

10. Shane McMahon (Again, one of the better Authority Figures in recent WWE History.)

Honorable Mention:


I could build a future between your thighs
then look into your eyes trying to find
my own private history channel
with a life long documentary
on whether or not this was meant to be
and I don’t want to turn any of this into poetry
you’re so beautiful
flowers turn their heads to smell you.”

and when I’m all alone
I’m riffling through the pockets
in the back of my mind
trying to find spare excuses
so I can call you on the phone

and it’s strange
the way I need a reason
just to call you up and say
that I thought about you today.

—  Shane Koyczan, “Afraid” Visiting Hours