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  • me @ 2.35am: sick, buzzfeed unsolved is back, i am ready for some top quality ryan and shane bants
  • ryan: this is the case of the New Orleans axeman, who chillingly only seemed to strike people at night as they slept
  • me: okay i think the fuck not you trick ass binch, i'll watch this in the cold harsh light of day thanks

make me choose: anon asked - Rick Grimes or Shane Walsh  

I find the idea that Ryan had to listen to that whole pond pickle’s monologue without the animation just the most fucking hilarious thing in the entire universe


No doubt in my mind where you belong … 

 Rick and his Daughter.

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shane is shooketh™

i call this the how to defend yourself from the demons using your tall long-legged friend as a shield manual by ryan steven bergara


Noirvember: Day 2

Neo-Noir Dramedy Veronica Mars (2004 - 2014) & Neo-Noir Comedy The Nice Guys (2016)


“I had a friend. I don’t talk about him. He was my partner, he got Lori and Carl to safety right after it happened.  Him and Lori they were together, they thought I was dead. I know Judith isn’t mine. I know it. I love her, she’s my daughter but she isn’t mine. I had to accept that, I did, so I could keep her alive. I’ll die before she does so, I hope, I can raise her and protect her and teach her how to survive” ~Rick Grimes (7x04)

art inspired by the best fic i ever did read  shanes. sophias. lots of love. shout out to…. oppa i forgot the writer’s tumblr url~~ i would tag them but then i’d just risk NOTES. my art is uncomfy with more than 6 notes, its just… too much.

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au where the boys are ghost hunters like in ghost adventures with cameras, lockdowns, and a TV show, etc. and Daniel gets possessed on screen cause apparently v religious people are easier to possess. Jasper and David split from Danny after the entity starts being hostile and the rest of the episode is them trying to figure out how to get the thing out while still getting enough evidence of a haunting 👌👌👌

v v good post anon,,,, you KNOW i love ghost shit,,,,,

                 Mini  rant  below  because  I’ve  finally  calmed  down  after  a  burst  of  anger  this  morning.     Don’t  read  it  if  you  don’t  want  to  hear  a  pro  Shane  rant.

I  have  seen  it  so  many  times  but  I  guess  the  fact  that  I  stepped  away  from  this  fandom  and  this  blog  for  a  while  numbed  me  to  the  fact  that  people  will  praise  their  faves  for  the  same  things  that  they  shame  Shane’s  character  for.     I  mean,     you  do  you  boo,     but  I  find  it  really  hard  to  hold  some  of  these  characters  on  a  pedestal  for  being  who  they  are  when  you  can  find  it  easy  to  condemn  Shane  for  some  of  the  same  characteristics.     

I  get  that  he  wasn’t  an  A+  human  being.     He’s  problematic,  aggressive,  possessive  and  very  much  so  a  textbook  alpha  male  but  that’s  not  all  he  was.     If  you’re  going  to  look  at  him  as  this  one  dimensional  bad  guy,     I  want  you  to  look  at  all  of  your  faves     ( who  are  also  problematic  at  times )     the  same  way.     After  Rick  lost  Lori,     was  he  only  some  crazed  dude  who  had  gone  off  of  the  deep  end  and  jeopardized  his  people?     What  about  everything  that  lead  up  to  the  whole  Negan  thing?     Everyone  is  okay  with  seeing  Rick  for  not  only  his  faults  but  also  his  positives  but  Shane  gets  overlooked  and  dogged  on.     

I  want  everyone  to  remember  that  he  genuinely  thought  Rick  was  dead.     He  checked  for  a  heartbeat,     heard  nothing,     cried  over  his  friend  and  still  blocked  the  door  when  it  all  went  to  shit.     He  kept  his  promise  to  Rick  and  made  sure  Lori  and  Carl  were  safe.    You  can  see  the  guilt  he  feels  THE  MOMENT  RICK  COMES  BACK.     Like  that  is  not  something  he  ever  wanted  and  that  guilt  is  a  huge  part  as  to  why  I  write  him  the  way  that  I  do.     I  think  that  guilt  ate  away  at  him  until  there  was  barely  anything  left  at  all.     I  mean,     how  would  you  feel  if  you  were  the  one  who  had  assumed  your  best  friend  was  dead?     How  would  you  feel  if  you  left  him  in  that  hospital  that  was  quickly  overrun  by  walkers  and  had  to  go  get  Lori  and  Carl  and  tell  them  that  he  hadn’t  made it?     And  then  how  would  you  feel  knowing  that  you  had  slept  with  his  wife     ( multiple  times )     because  you  both  had  thought  he  was  dead  and  then  him  waltzing  into  your  camp?     And  then  Lori  made  it  nearly  impossible  for  him  to  have  any  sort  of  relationship  with  any  of  them!     He  went  from  being  “Uncle  Shane”  and  having  that  family  even  after  it  all  went  to  shit  to  having  all  of  it  ripped  away  from  him.     I  think  all  of  those  things  might  make  someone  a  little  crazy.

And  then  what  he  said  about  doing  those  things  in  order  to  make  it  in  this  world,     guess  what  he  was  right  and  Rick  eventually  turned  into  the  type  of  person  he  had  to  because  that’s  the  only  way  they  could  make  it.     But  again,     Rick  is  praised  and  loved  and  Shane  is  so  hated.

I  could  literally  go  on  and  on  and  on  about  this  because  my  love  for  Shane  is  so  strong  but  basically  the  moral  of  the  story  is  can  you  please  tag  your  anti-Shane  posts  so  that  I  don’t  have  to  see  it?     Okay  thanks.