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Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request, I hope you like it. I just realized I didn’t include the light smut, I’m so sorry.

You and Daryl have been close since Atlanta and you’ve been sneaking into his tent every night. When the group reaches the farm you start to hook up with Shane. One night Daryl confronts you about it.

word count: 1305

Daryl tried to stand as still as he could. He didn’t want anyone to notice him standing behind the barn gazing after her while she went off to see someone else again. Daryl had the bad feeling that it might be Shane she was after, yet he wasn’t completely sure about it.
He had been waiting for her last night, had been waiting for her to sneak into his tent as she used to do since Atlanta. Daryl swallowed. He couldn’t stand the thought of her having someone else to comfort her during the night, someone who would make her feel safe. She once said that only Daryl could chase away the nightmares that kept hunting her during the nights. It made him furious to think that someone else could do that for her, especially Shane. He had noticed the way he was looking at Lori, and Andrea. He wouldn’t allow him to look at her the same way.

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I’m making this post and it’s very important. I hope people read this and will at least aid me in this. My best friend died, and he was such a godamn special person. All of his friends are completely devastated as am I and we are all trying to celebrate his life and the memory of him. Shane was a big fan of Conor Oberst, I would say his biggest fan, he emulated Conor and loved Conor and his music to death. My idea is that I would like anybody to try and help me contact Conor so I can tell him what a wonderful person and fan he has lost. Because Shane would have loved that so much with all of his heart. If anyone can help me in contacting Conor it would be a great help. Please.