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Re Re Shane is a demon who Ryan made a deal w for his show: u asked what the exchange was... Ryan traded his life (initially soul but he bargained his way out of that one) for it, BUT only on the condition that he would be killed AFTER he had gotten his fame (Shane totally sold it to him by being like "in the end u can b an unsolved case yourself!! Cmon that's cool I'll make it a weird death I promise") so like early on Ryan sticks close to Shane at creepy locations bc he knows that the demon(1)

bargained to be the one to take his life so obi he cant let anything happen to him or Shane doesn’t get his end of the deal. like just imagine ryan yelling “fuck you!” and waving his middle finger at some unknown entity while hiding behind Shanes lanky frame (yes shielding urself from a demon w another demon what a good idea). anyway as time goes on they kinda become friends and start enjoying each others company and get really close and they just? goof off and have fun? but then ryan starts (2)

to wonder what level of fame he has to reach before Shane will collect so he starts getting really stressed/upset as he gets more popular and stops using Shane as protection at locations and stops enjoying doing the show and Shane gets rly worried but long story short Shane twists the deal so that “take your life” just means that Ryan has to share his life w Shane forever anyway wtf is this it turned into a mini fic I’m so sorry but yeah thats it bye (3)

I am in Shock and Awe

Dead Natural {12}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling, Character Death?

Words: 3,029

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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