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TWD Mixtape

“I’m The Papi.” feat. Shane Walsh

“46 Inch Wood.” feat. Negan

“Fk tha Police.” feat. Michonne

“Eye On You.” feat. Carl Grimes 

“Bisquick & Bacon.” feat Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee

“Does Negan Is Gay?” feat Negan and Rick Grimes

“Mullet Inspiration.” feat. Eugene Porter

With special performances from Rosita, Maggie Rhee, and the other half of Dwight’s missing dick. Along with a special cover of “Eye of the Tiger,” sung by Carol Peltier and Ezekiel.

(if anyone wants to take it upon themselves to make an album cover be my guest)

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Sometimes I’ll be listening to Green Day like ah yea I love this inspirational band then I listen to a song about some chick named virginia hitchhiking then this other lady kills this one guy (who liquidized his assets or some shit and hates life) and then the killer goes and elopes with her lesbian lover (plot twist, it’s the Virginia gal) in vegas and everyone gets high


I’m Shane. I’m a comedian, I’m a writer, I’m a director, I’m a YouTuber, I’m a podcaster, I’m whatever the fuck I am and I’m bisexual. That does not define me.

Congrats to Shane Dawson for coming out as bisexual after a long and hard journey. We love and support you always, Shane. ❤️‍

This whole negative talk about Danielle is pissing me off. Danielle has finally started talking shit about people, when everyone (except Shane) has been talking shit about her since day one. Are you kidding me? Plus none of things Danielle has said even equals up to things said about her. This is just like everyone hating on Natalie when she stared to going off because she was sick of the comments said about her and the hate she gets. I’m not saying that Danielle is a saint, but I sure as hell is not going to cry about it, when yall literally excuse all of the plastics and now Justin (What the fuck). Fuck that Danielle doesn’t deserve this shit.

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