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The Back Story

My back hurts. Was bed ridden for most of yesterday. Walking around today, but still can’t put too much pressure on it. Lifting anything is hard. Walking to the mail box is unthinkable. Basically, riding the couch for the next few days, popping pills the doctor prescribed to me on Friday. 

Here’s a quick back story…

I was born with scoliosis - Twisted spine. The right side of my back was out of wack. You could see the curve. It was bad. Scared it would hinder my growing process and other stuff, I had a corrective surgery in 1992. I was 14.  September 11th. Before starting grade 9, I was on the surgery table at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. They were putting a metal rod inside me, they were straightening my crazy curve.  The surgery was a smashing success. After a few days of bed rest, Sick Kids made a huge booboo.

Long story short, while the nurses slept, I unknowingly overdosed myself with codeine. The nurses weren’t keeping an eye on my dosage. After an overnight panic session, I was sent to ICU for a few days. This made the stay a few days longer.

I remember just wanting to get out of there. I wanted to be home. I actually wanted to be In school, with my friends.  Anywhere, but the hospital.

The good side? Every day I had visitors. When I finally got home, I stayed on the couch for most of the day, watching Days of our Lives, and baseball. It was playoff season and the Jays were heading to their first World Series.

My Dad had season tickets to the restaurant box seats at the Skydome. Looking back at it now, I just wish I hadn’t been bed ridden so I would’ve been able to take in the playoff games with the Pops. But, on the nights he went to the Dome, he’d race home, rush into my room and tell me know how the game was. How it felt being at the Dome. And obviously, how good the food was.

Fast forward 22 years later. Don’t remember the last time my back ached so bad The doctor said it has to do with the rod getting used to the muscles in my old age. Thus causing the spasms. 

Yesterday, I realized how much this reminded me of September ‘92. On the couch. Channel surfing. Nursing back. 

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