shane dawsone


You may think you’re cuter than Shane or better than him, but you aren’t Greggo. 

Shane is a hell of a lot nicer, sweeter, and makes better content than you. He switches it up and adds new types of videos, while you make the same half-assed shit. 

He has 11+ million subs and can get a million views in a matter of hours, while you can barely get over 10k views on a video in a day, and each of your channels have over 1 million subs.

you call Shane someone who looks like a molester when you look at underage pics of girls. He doesn’t have to shave, that shirt looks fine, and he probably doesn’t reek of insecurity and misery.

He’s in a happy relationship and doesn’t want your narcissistic ass, so stop being so creepy and obsessive

YouTube is so good and I can’t believe it’s free??? Like who would believe that you can get unlimited music, videos of people talking and being chill with their viewers, instructions on improve your daily life, helpful advice for pretty much every situation, just everything?? I feel honestly blessed we live in a time when we have this magical website at our fingertips.

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Pierce The Veil

Green Day

Fall Out Boy

Panic! At the Disco



the 1975

Sleeping With Sirens


Melanie Martinez

All Time Low

Mayday Parade

The Chainsmokers

Alessia Cara


Troye Sivan

Shane Dawson

Tyler Oakley

Dan and Phil


My Chemical Romance

13 Reasons Why

Steven Universe

Gravity Falls

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