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  • my mom: Ugh, you're so antisocial. Go outside with your friends, do something. Im sick of you being inside all day watching that stupid videos and tv shows.
  • me: *hangs out with friends twice*
  • also my mom: Ugh stop going out! You don't give a shit about anything that is not your friends! Im sick of you being outside all day.
  • me: u jokin bitch?
Hey! Howdy! Bonjour! Aloha! Hola! Ciao! Salaam!.... thats all the ways i know how to say hey

Hola mi amigos me llamo es Alicia (Alli is english lol) and no I dont speak fluent spanish i just didnt want to be like plain or something and introduce myself like i did last time.

So heres a few things about meeeee:

I am a victim of the One Direction Infection

I am in love with four aussies in the band 5 seconds of summer i have a poster of them to my right

I play the ukulele (well i try)

I’m obsessed with music

I like to watch shane dawson and covers on youtube

I’m not obsessed with dnp like half the population is but my best friend is so i can handle it if you are

I’m an Ashton girl and a Louis girl

I’m on my phone like twenty four seven so if i don’t respond to your text then thats probably because i died or my mum took my phone away

hmmmm what else should i mention?

for some reason I’ve been watching Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Regular Show a lot lately dunno why

Oh I’m 12 years old I’ll be turning 13 next year so I’m a young one

i make “Friends” references all the time and 5sos references more the 5sos references if you are a fan too and the friends references are more of a talking out loud thing but whatever

I’m FROM THE US OF A great country we have fun here

I cheer for my school but thats only because they can’t reject people and thats why a sucky person like me got on the team

okay i think that should be enough info about me!!!

things i want in a friend:

age range of 11- 15 or something around there I’m not trying to befriend a 64 year old man or women i don’t discriminate a women could be a stalker/pedofile too

someone who maybe likes 5sos or 1D but like if you don’t thats chill

someone who will listen to me fangirl over something my crush did ill do the same for youuuuuu

um someone who can respond quickly

someone who doesn’t live in narnia cuz i hope we can meet i mean hopefulllyyyyyy

um i think thats it even if you don’t qualify then go ahead and message me it could never heart to have more friends 

So yeah contact me on my tumblr AM-217 or my instagram _am_217_ or my kik _Alli_217_ or my twitter @Alli__official

So yes adios mi amigos!!!!!!!


I just want to talk about this because I am really fucking pissed. If you don’t know what’s happening, Shane Dawson’s parody of “Blank Space” was taken down last week. YouTube and Sony (Taylor Swift’s Producers) are saying it’s because the song is copywritten. However, the Shane’s song is not copywritten because it is A PARODY. According to a parody is “the humorous use of an existing song, play, or writing which changes the words to give farcical and ironic meaning.” SHANE’S VIDEO IS NOT A COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. The fact that he has to fight this or delete the video is total bullshit.

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