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YouTube is so good and I can’t believe it’s free??? Like who would believe that you can get unlimited music, videos of people talking and being chill with their viewers, instructions on improve your daily life, helpful advice for pretty much every situation, just everything?? I feel honestly blessed we live in a time when we have this magical website at our fingertips.


- Green Day

-5 Seconds Of Summer


-Twenty Øne Piløts

- Halsey

-The 1975

- All Time Low

-As It Is

-Melanie Martinez

-Moose Blood


-Arctic Monkeys



-The Hunna

- Pierce The Veil

-The Beatles

-The Who

- The Stone Roses


-With Confidence

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I wouldn’t mind..

I honestly wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to be my internet friend? I wouldn’t mind random late skype calls or staying up/ waking up early to catch up with different time zones? I wouldn’t mind sending funny pictures? I wouldn’t mind staying by your side and listening when you have hard times? I wouldn’t mind laughing until my stomach hurt over jokes that really aren’t that funny. If you like any of the things/people I put in the tags, don’t be afraid to message me :)

ID #18618

Name: Hannah
Age: 15
Country: United States 

I am a funny and outgoing person who likes to talk about deep things. I love music of different genres and give a great and powerful meaning. I love to write music and poems and play the guitar.
I love watching TV shows and YouTube Videos like The Fosters, Shane Dawson, Dan and Phil, and Jenna Marbles.
I love to write novels and talking about plots and character developments with people. I love to learn about people’s lives and cultures to see and learn more about the world.

Preferences: Anyone ages 14-18 would be preferable to contact with.


Info from the Twitter Q&A

♡ The EP will consist of four songs and will be called Ten Years. Songs include Take Me, I Know, Promises and The Distance.
♡ The music video will be out in a couple of weeks.
♡ They plan to shoot the cover of the EP this week. Alongside being a guest on Shane Dawson’s podcast.
♡ Refinery 29 and Playboy shoots out this week.
♡ EP to come out in October.
♡ Aly takes the lead of Promises and AJ on The Distance.

How can u not like the song Superluv tho? It has the perfect amount of slow parts and then BEAT DROP and then just the rest is rlly sugary pop that everyone can jam to. If you don’t like this song even a LITTLE bit ur lying to urself and everyone around u, Kyle.


This video deserves way more exposure

Coincidental or Not? My friend is another me?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since we met. It’s the weirdest theory ever but it’s like we’re the same person…

We started hanging out about more than two years ago. She was my best friend’s science partner and they became friends. I’m sort of the ‘clingy’ type due to being shy and end up tagging along with my best friend’s friends. Sad I know. But whatever, the more I found out about this girl the more I realise she’s exactly like me (personality wise).

We agree on every little thing. We like the same music, the same films, actors, models, have the same style of fashion, same taste in boys (Dolan Twins obvi 😂) and watch the same YouTube videos. The only difference I spot is that she’s a little more sociable than I am but not too much as she is also awkward like me. We share a great interest in conspiracy theories and Shane Dawson which seems to be what we mostly talk about. We’ve both realised that we watch the exact same youtubers. I mean it all seems like a coincidence.

I found out she has a passion for singing. And guess who else has a passion for singing? Yes, you’ve guessed it…me! I’ve been hiding my voice from everyone, being really shy I’ve never really opened up about my love for music. When I found out she, just like me, wanted to be a singer i knew it was too much to be a coincidence.

I wanted to gain the courage to project my voice and tell people that I actually prefer singing over science (which everyone thinks is my favourite subject) but I knew it would be like I was copying her. Agreeing to everything she said was probably already weird but I was always honest. Sometimes I would disagree with her so it seemed that I wasn’t kind of idolising or trying to be her.

It was always us two against my best friend in debates. We agree on everything. I just don’t get how two people can almost have the exact same personality. We have the same fashion sense but I can’t really show that as I’m a Muslim and have to cover up and can’t wear most of the stuff I like (2013 Ariana Style 😍). If I could wear the style I liked it would be the same as hers. We used to use polyvore to make boards for our styles and we’d like the same stuff. I mean that’s normal for friends but how isn’t there something different. My other best friend is so much different to me, there are some stuff we both like and some that only one of us like. But with us two, there was no difference apart from confidence.

We became friends for our love of Ariana Grande and because of my Best friend bringing us together. When she first moved to my school, I didn’t think we’d become friends as she already seemed popular amongst the class.

We became friends in the end but I would often ignore her when my best friend was not at school due to feeling awkward around her. When my best friend wasn’t there I couldn’t engage with her very well. I don’t know why but we both felt so awkward and I was forcing out words to talk to her. It’s a bit better now, I don’t feel that awkward talking to her. I think that’s only because I take quite a long time to feel comfortable around a person.

And now it comes to today. We both had the same idea to make singing videos without even knowing. She doesn’t even know that I sing so she obviously doesn’t know about the video.

I remember being a 4 year old asking my cousin about being a singer as a profession. Even then the idea of being a singer interest me then so I know it’s not just my mind subconsciously trying to be like her because she was 'cool’. I want to be a singer and have wanted to be for a long time. My friend also wants to be a singer and I see people at school tearing her down because it’s too big of a goal. I feel like she’s think I’d be stealing her goal if I told her. It’s a weird situation, I know.

Yesterday I filmed a video of myself singing to possibly upload it to my YouTube channel. Then today she posted a few clips of herself singing on her snapchat which she might be thinking of uploading to YouTube. How can that be a coincidence? It’s not the first time that’s happened. We both at one point wanted to be you tubers. I filmed a video for my channel and then the next day I got a message from her where she told me to watch a video that she uploaded. I didn’t want to tell anyone about my video. That was the last thing I wanted to do so no one knew about it.

There are times when we say the same thing at the same time. Or one of us says something which the other was just about to say. Sometimes I’m want to say something but I hold it in and she ends up saying it.

I know all this can’t be a coincidence. I’ve tried searching up stuff to try and find stories similar to mine but nothing. ’m not being paranoid, there’s obviously something. We look nothing alike so we’re not related (completely different races and ethnicity) or anything but I don’t think it’s normal to find someone who is so exactly similar personality wise to yourself.

I believe in parallel universes; my theory is that what if we were the same person but in different forms with a few differences to make it hard for us to communicate but we found ourselves together because we are part of a similar bond. We were meant to be put in different universes but something happened which put us in one. I don’t even know but it’s the weirdest thing ever. It sounds insane, even to me but I know it’s not a coincidence.

Can someone help me figure out if I’m just going crazy and making a big deal out of nothing or there’s something more. I am actually confused. We’re both into the parallel world conspiracy shit and really love researching about that stuff but I’d seem crazy if I told her my theory. I don’t even know if she realises how similar we are. I’m sure she does, my other best friend has noticed it before. There has to be some sort of connection.

If you’ve made it this far, please help me 😩🙏🏼

hello! i’m hailey :) i’m 14, (15 in january) and i could be a bit mature for my age or a bit too immature but it’s all good. i’m an awkward bisexual who enjoys youtube (shane dawson, david dobrik, etc), music of all kinds, and dogs!! i live in north carolina (united states, east coast). i think i’m an easy person to talk to! i definitely don’t bite so don’t be afraid!!!
tumblr: berr-ies

hi be my friend please

if you wanna be internet friends hmu !
•my name is emily
•I am 13
•i’m a freshman
•i’m from NC
•i LOVE music
•shane dawson is my fave youtuber
•blackbear, the 1975, mansionz, and billie eilish are my faves
•i love netflix
•i will text you literally all the time, i never leave my phone
•facetimes i’m so down for 👏🏻
anyways hmu if you wanna be friends :))