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Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: Want some chap stick?
  • Person B: Hell no!
  • Person A: Why not?
  • Person B: There is a conspiracy theory where that is actually just fiberglass! I don't want to cut my lips!
  • Person A: ............ThE GoVErNmENt Is cONtrOlLInG uS!1!1
  • Person B: Shut up! It is just fiberglass!
  • Person A: [Person B], get me my aluminum hat!1!1! THat iS tHE onE wAy To StOP tHe MiNd cOntRolLInG!1!1!
  • Person B: Shut up! *puts on aluminum hat and goes to their bedroom*
Without You

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+ issac lahey - teen wolf 

 author’s note: IM ISSAC LAHEY TRASH also sorta sad imagine based off of shane dawson’s video “Why Was I Born?” which you should totally watch if you love balling your eyes out. also this is kinda long & very eh

italics in quotation marks = angel speaking

 ISSAC AND I HAVE ONLY each other, ever since the beginning. People in school romanticized Issac running to me after being abused, and later on, the pack romanticized me being his anchor. 

 That’s a whole lot of bullshit. 

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Heres what dating Shane Dawson would include:

- “I can’t tell if I love you or Cheeto more”

-literally laying in bed all day and hearing him yell “FUCK” and just excepting that your house is on fire for views

- “Shane Lee Dawson, you aren’t that big and even if you were the biggest person in the world I’d still be in love with you”

-Treating each other’s stress with Target runs that turn into Taco Bell runs.

-Drew and Garrett being your best friend and having a group chat of them + Shane

- You do something simple like take off your shirt to change or put your hair in a bun/running your hands through it and his response is “Yas queen”

-Helping him deal with his mental issues, and him feeling guilty about it secretly

-Him doing the same for you, and going all out the following week trying to make you happy

-Shane’s mom calling you to chat multiple times a week, and texting his brother back and forth occasionally

-Doing his makeup when you’re both bored and because you know he loves it

-Occasionally worrying about him leaving you to get back with Lisa, and once or twice it causing fights…

-But he reassures you that he loves you and she can’t take you away from him (please note: I’m not saying Lisa WOULD actively try to make that happen, personally, I’m a very jealous person and if it were me that would TOTALLY happen. Nothing on Lisa, I love her!)

- “Come watch some weird YouTube videos with me!” “No, it’s not for a video I just want to show you these” -Unconditional love and being treated like a GOD

Listen up!

I’m going to start writing imagines.
I’ll do any kind of imagines or preferences, but NO SMUT.
You can request Shane Dawson, Pewdiepie, Fantastic Foursome (amazingphil, danisnotonfire, crabstickz, kickthepj), and charlieissocoollike. I’ll do personal if you’d like and I love to write fluff!

~ A. Rose