shane dawson imagines

Listen up!

I’m going to start writing imagines.
I’ll do any kind of imagines or preferences, but NO SMUT.
You can request Shane Dawson, Pewdiepie, Fantastic Foursome (amazingphil, danisnotonfire, crabstickz, kickthepj), and charlieissocoollike. I’ll do personal if you’d like and I love to write fluff!

~ A. Rose



You sighed loudly, and Shane looked concerned through the camera. “I just hate that I can’t see you very much.” You confess. He chuckled. “Well soon I’ll be home and you can deal with my annoying self all you want.” You rolled your eyes. “Just promise to call more. I as much as I love these late night skype calls, I’d like to know you’re alive during the day.” “You can’t get rid of me that easily..but I promise.” You nodded, happy. “I love you, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” You waved, blowing him a kiss, which he quickly returned, before the screen when black.