shane curry

Kisses (2008) ❤
Director: Lance Daly

I absolutely loved this small indie film from Ireland.. It’s a story about Dylan and Kylie, both around the age of 11, who embark on an escapade into the city of Dublin all on their own as an attempt to run away from home. Dylan’s dad is an abusive father figure along with a brother who no longer exist in his presence. Kylie has a mother who is overly preoccupied with work along with five siblings that she doesn’t get along with. Dylan and Kylie are next door neighbors so one day as Dylan’s father goes about his worst violent rampage, Kylie saves Dylan from getting hurt, then these two run as hard as they can and don’t even look back. During their little venture, good and bad things happen. They meet friendly people and they also encounter some harmful menaces. With the small amount of euros Kylie saved up and brought with her, they splurge it at the shopping mall and buy a fuzzy pink jacket for Kylie herself, extra large hoodie and jacket for Dylan, and two pairs of light up roller sneakers. Dylan and Kylie start to form a relationship that neither of them saw coming, especially after they decided to part ways at one point because of some disagreements only to meet once again in a rescue me situation. Lance Daly and his way of visually expressing these young characters and their surroundings is just spectacular all around. From the beginning of the movie when they’re at home where it starts out black and white to the transition into soft spectacles of color once they’ve run away and entered the city itself. The ending gave a nice twist to that method and I just couldn’t help but to smile inside. Major kudos to Shane Curry and Kelly O'Neill for their ability to BE Dylan & Kylie for this particular film. I find it funny how bad-mouthed they are at their age though! Never heard so many “fucks” and “cunts” from a preteen. I wonder if that’s just the norm in Ireland..