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Lesbian Fandom Guide

Just realizing there there isn’t a complete domestic and int’l list of lesbian fandom couple names. Well now there is. If I forgot any let me know and I’ll update. (Updated 8/24/17. Thanks for all the suggestions! Some of these I didn’t even know were a thing.)

[Notes: 1. Only listing ships with cute name mashups, 2. Now alphabetical, 3. C=Cannon, 4. *=Currently in progress.]

Adams Foster=Lena & Stef Adams Foster [The Fosters] C*

Agusleria=Agustina & Valeria [Vecinos En Guerra] C

Alby=Alex Parrish & Shelby Wyatt [Quantico]*

Aurelia=Aurora & Celia [Seis Hermanas] C

Ballie=Bea & Allie [Wentworth] C

Bechloe=Beca & Chloe [Pitch Perfect]

Bering & Wells=(Myka) Bering & (Helena G) Wells [Warehouse 13]

Brittana=Brittany & Santana [Glee] C

Cabeson=(Alex) Cabot & (Olivia) Benson [L&O SVU]

Calzona=Callie & Arizona [Grey’s Anatomy] C

Clarina=Clara & Marina [Em Familia] C

Clexa=Clarke & Lexa [The 100] C

Cophine=Cosima & Delphine [Orphan Black] C

Cristabel=Cristina & Isabel [Tierra de Lobos]

Dalice=Dane & Alice [The L Word] C

Docubus=Doctor (Laruen) & Succubus (Bo) [Lost Girl] C

Elizona=Arizona & Eliza [Grey’s Anatomy] C*

Emaya=Emily & Maya [Pretty Little Liars] C

Emison=Emily & Allison [Pretty Little Liars] C*

Faberry=(Quinn) Fabray & (Rachel) Berry [Glee]

Fimogen=Fiona & Imogen [Degrassi] C

Flozmin=Florencia & Jazmín [Las Estrellas] C*

Freelin=Freya & Keelin [The Originals] C*

Fuffy=Faith & Buffy [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Golly=Gail & Holly [Rookie Blue] C

Grankie=Grace & Frankie [Grace & Frankie]

Grenna=Greer & Brenna [Chasing Life] C

Hollstein=(Laura) Hollis & (Carmilla) Karnstein [Carmilla] C

Holtzbert=Holtzmann & Gilbert [Ghostbusters]

Jassani=Jasmine & Anni [GZSZ] C*

Jathea=Jade & Althea [The Rich Man’s Daughter] C

Jemma=Jenna & Emma [Hand auts Herz] C

Juliana=Julia & Mariana [Las Aparicio] C

Kadena=Kat & Adena [The Bold Type] C*

Karmy=Karma & Amy [Faking It] C

Keriette=Kerstin & Juliette [Marienhof] C

Lintz=Maggie Lin & Sydney Katz [Saving Hope] C

Lutricia=Lucia & Patricia [Las Trampas del Deseo] C

Malex=Marissa & Alex [The OC] C

Marbecca=Marlene & Rebecca [Verbotene Liebe] C

Mirandy=Miranda & Andrea [The Devil Wears Prada]

Minx=Marissa & Bianca (Binx) [All My Children] C

Naomily=Naomi & Emily [Skins] C

Nomanita=Nomi & Amanita [Sense 8] C

Otalia=Olivia & Natalie [Guiding Light] C

Paily=Paige & Emily [Pretty Little Liars] C

Palex=Paige & Alex [Degrassi] C

Pepsi=Pepa & Silvia [Los Hombres de Paco] C

Reamy=Reagan & Amy [Faking It] C

Red Slippers=Red & Dorothy [Once Upon a Time] C

Rizzles=Rizzoli & Isles [Rizzoli & Isles]

Roisa=Rose & Luisa [Jane the Virgin] C*

Sanvers=Sawyer & Danvers [Supergirl] C*

Sarlota=Carlota & Sara [Cable Girls] C*

Sharmen=Shane & Carmen [The L Word] C

Skimmons/BioHacker/BioQuake=Jemma Simmons & Daisy “Skye” Johnson [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.]

Shoot=Shaw & Root [Person of Interest] C

Spashley=Spencer & Ashley [South of Nowhere] C

Supercorp/Karlena=Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor [Supergirl]*

Supercat=Kara Danvers & Cat Grant [Supergirl]*

Swan Queen=(Emma) Swan & (Evil) Queen [Once Upon a Time]*

Talice=Tasha & Alice [The L Word] C

Tibette=Tina & Bette [The L Word] C

Tillow=Tara & Willow [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] C

Trimberly=Trini Kwan & Kimberly Hart [Power Rangers]

Trishica=Trish Walker & Jessica Jones [Jessica Jones]*

Vauseman=(Alex) Vause & (Piper) Chapman [OINB] C*

WayHaught=Waverly (Earp) & (Nicole) Haught [Wynonna Earp] C*

Zasha=Zoe & Rasha [Degrassi] C

Mooch. [Daryl Dixon x Reader]


Word Count: 6,444 (long one i know, i couldn’t help it)
Characters: Reader, Daryl, O/C, Shane, Glenn, Maggie, Rick(mentioned)
Warnings: Language, violence, death.
Tags: jodiereedus22

A/N: Thank you to the anon for this request! I really liked it and had fun writing this story! I am SO sorry for how long it took me to get up. I had a busy end of the summer, but I am glad I finally finished it! Hope you enjoy! I would love to hear what you think! And if you have any other requests feel free to send me a message! Also keep an eye out for part 3 of Learning To Live, and two other request stories I received. I’ve been working on them and hope to have them up soon!

“Landon I only have two bullets left!” you screamed after a shot rang out from your gun. You eyes scanned the scene before you and you felt your hands shaking. A group of eight or so walkers were surrounding you and your brother and they were quickly closing in on the both of you.

“Save ‘em, use your knife!” you heard him yell back and you quickly followed his order. You pulled your knife from it’s spot on your hip and thrust it into the skull of a walker in front of you. It fell in front you and you leaned down and yanked the knife out of it’s head. As soon as you stood back up you were met with another and you repeated your actions.

“Only a few more!” you yelled before an ear piercing scream caught your attention and you whipped your head around to find your brother on the ground with a walker sinking it’s teeth deep into his shoulder. “Landon! NO!”

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Invoke the name Shakespeare and one word comes to mind…DRAMA. Whether it’s a comedy or a tragedy, you know some shiz is about to go down. It’s easy to see why so many things in pop culture are inspired by his classic takes on love, revenge, and murder. Read on for nine ways to refresh yourself on Shakespeare’s works without reading a single play.

1. The Winter’s Tale→ Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston

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Veronica Mars meets The Winter’s Tale when Hermione Winters, the captain of her cheerleading team, refuses to be anyone’s cautionary tale after the unspeakable happens at training camp. 

2. Twelfth Night→ She’s the Man

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Starring Amanda Bynes and a pre-Magic Mike Channing Tatum, She’s the Man follows Viola as she pretends to be her brother to play soccer at an elite boarding school. She ends up falling in love with her teammate Duke, who’s in love with Olivia, who happens to be in love with Viola-as-Sebastian. Yikes! 

3. The Taming of the Shrew→ 10 Things I Hate About You

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In order to date Bianca, Cameron must find someone to date her shrew-ish sister Kat. Patrick Verona is up to the task and ends up falling in love with her, but will it last once Kat finds out the truth? 

4. Romeo and Juliet→ Dreamers Often Lie

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When Jaye returns to school after a mysterious accident, she starts to notice unnerving similarities between her life and some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Is it real life, or is her mind playing tricks on her? 

5. Othello→ O 

Photo credit: book; movie 

A modern-day Othello story set at an elite prep school? Yes please! Jealous of Odin’s connection to his coach father, Hugo hatches a plan that will take everything away from Odin–and result in devastating consequences for both of them. 

6. A Midsummer Night’s Dream→ Get Over It 

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Loosely based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Get Over It tells the story of how Berke tries to win back his ex-girlfriend Alison by starring in the school play with her…only to fall in love with his best friend’s sister instead. Featuring Sisqo, Vitamin C, and Shane West, Get Over It will make all of your early 2000’s dreams come true. 

7. Romeo and Juliet #2→ Like No Other by Una LaMarche

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This New York love story tells the tale of Devorah and Jackson, two neighbors whose meeting sparks an unexpected love that goes against their family’s wishes. The forbidden nature of their relationship forces them to consider how much they’re willing to give up. 

8. Hamlet→ The Royals

Photo credit: book; show 

The Royals introduces us to a fictional British royal family, in which the King’s brother would probably do the unthinkable in order to usurp his brother’s throne. 

9. MacBeth→ Scotland, PA

Photo credit: book; movie

Welcome to Scotland, PA, where unambitious fast food employee Joe McBeth becomes a successful entrepreneur thanks to his ambitious wife’s plan to murder their boss.

These are the US Army Rangers that walked for 46 hours, ran out of water then continued to hydrate with IVs to execute the Operation Red Wings extract of Marcus Luttrell. Without these men there would not have been a Lone Survivor book to be read or movie.

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when i was 15 my bedtime was 11 so its only logical that Liam Dunbar (who is 15) has a bedtime of 11 and sleeps the entire way home from late-night supernatural shenanigans like the cute little puppy he is

tiny dunbar, sleepy dunbar, protect at all costs