shane bennett

watching the original buzzfeed unsolved videos is so weird because after a certain amount of episodes Brent just disappeared never to be seen again- I feel like I’m watching something forbidden

anonymous asked:

Fuckin why

alrightalrightalrightalrightalright hear me out.

I might be late to the party and everyone will read this and be like “hahaha Keanna you fool little did you know, we been knew” but just hear me out.

without further ado, let’s get into the theory. *cue music*

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  • Ryan: My ideal significant other won't care how dirty my room gets.
  • Ryan: They will always let me win at video games.
  • Ryan: They will discuss conspiracy theories with me at any time, day or night.
  • Brent: Why don't you just marry Shane?
  • Ryan:
  • Shane:
  • Ryan: Cause our kids would look like horses.